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INSTAGRAM RAID: Serving the phenomenal sides of Alyssa Valdez

INSTAGRAM RAID: Serving the phenomenal sides of Alyssa Valdez

On the volleyball scene, we often see her fiery side, committedly scoring to ace victory. But, more than the ‘heart strong’ mantra she shows off on the court, Alyssa is also known for her delightful personality.

Despite being regarded as the ‘face of Philippine volleyball’, the 28-year old sports icon is indeed one of the most down-to-earth players we have ever known. Her million followers also can attest to that.

As she set foot in Pinoy Big Brother: Kumunity Season 10, the public witness how Alyssa embodies her phenomenal life outside the court. She genuinely shows her life full of kindness and enthusiasm.

Let’s capture the other side of the volley-queen through her Instagram photos.

The sweetest girlfriend

Alyssa just proves that more than spiking the ball, she can also spike our hearts with her playful, yet sweetest message for Kiefer Ravena.


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A post shared by Alyssa Valdez (@alyssa_valdez2)

In celebrating their fifth anniversary, the former Lady Eagle mentioned that she had such an amazing time annoying Kiefer.

Well, lucky for Kiefer. Just imagine getting annoyed by the phenom queen. Perhaps, anybody would want to be in that position.

A fur-fect mom

There is a notion that when someone is a pet-lover, one thing is for sure — that person is altruistic and affectionate. Apparently, this might be true because Alyssa is living proof.

The high-profile sports couple are fur-parents of adorable dogs. For sure, Alyssa misses them all.

A fun-to-be-with bestie

By just watching her vlogs, you can already know that Alyssa is a fun-to-be-with bestie. Aside from the fact she’s up to any challenge, she’s a great motivator. Also, it’s just too fun to see her, spilling teas.

On her vlog featuring Mimiyuuuh, you can watch her laugh all day. No wonder she has gained a million followers. She’s just too authentic to be abhorred.

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A loving daughter

Being a loving daughter is evident in her Instagram posts. The prominent athlete is absolutely grateful for her parents, not just through photos or words, but with actions.

In fact, just a refresher, Alyssa surprised her with a brand new car last year, posted on her YouTube vlog. The viewers are left in awe seeing that life-changing moment for the Valdez family.

A responsible citizen

On and off the court, she inspires everyone. She even knows her significant role as a citizen, exercising the right to vote.

Moreover, Alyssa is a woman of substance. She hopes for a better future for our country. Who wouldn’t stan a queen who used her platform to influence the public, right?

As she bagged numerous championship titles in the volleyball realm, there’s no doubt that she can also bag the title of PBB grand winner.

Also, we all know that supporting the phenom would definitely be worth it!

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