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INSTAGRAM RAID: Alyssa Valdez’s Life Outside Volleyball

INSTAGRAM RAID: Alyssa Valdez’s Life Outside Volleyball

Arguably, Alyssa Valdez made the volleyball in The Philippines as famous as it is right now. The general public enjoys this sport more than before. And with her great skills, powerful spikes, and loaded services, she was able to bag various championships within the country. But of course with the help of her teammates!

Photo credits to PVL Media Bureau

Alyssa, more known as “The Phenom”, has already proven herself in her own sport. That is if ever she needs to. But she also has a life outside volleyball, though. And through her Instagram page, we can see that The Phenom herself is also acing in other aspects of life. In this article, let us witness how the volleyball star spends her days outside her own element – the volleyball court.

A Proud Fur Parent of Three

It is safe to say that aside from volleyball, her dogs occupy the most space in her heart. And we can not challenge that. Her pet dogs named Blake, Louie, and Rockey are always featured in her IG profile for all her supporters to see. Truly, she is a person with a good heart, as others claim. And her dogs can really attest to that.

A total sucker for the beach

She is a total sucker for the beach, and she herself knows that! Her IG feed can totally attest to that. She said in one of her posts “go where your heart takes ü 🤍” and she runs freely on the coast of Balesin Island.

And it is not just in sports that she can have fun. The beach is always her first choice, not just for having fun but also in having some sun!

A former PBB Housemate

Recently, she joined the Pinoy Big Brother Kumunity Season 9 Celebrity Edition. She became an official celebrity housemate donning the nickname“Ang Heartstrong Phenom ng Batangas”.

And in that franchise edition, she was hailed as one of the Top 2 contending housemates. It is not just because of her benevolence, her great attitude on and off the court that put her there. The backbone of her achievement was her fandom, ALYfinity, who supported her all the way. And she herself is truly grateful for what they have done since the start! Queen things indeed!

An endorser of various products

Given her fame attained from playing volleyball, Alyssa is soaring to a higher field. With her 1.9 million followers on IG, she uses it to promote various products. She really knows how to play her game. And her being the Phenom as she is, she does it all well! Here are here random endorsement featured in her page.

Alyssa, like anybody else, has a life outside the court. And her being deemed as “The Phenom” does not stop her from living her life as normal as everyone else. Truly, she is an awesome and humble person. Despite her achievements in life, she always looks back to where she came from. And she always appreciates those who have been through her side since the beginning of her career.

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