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Wonder all day, the LA Aguinaldo way

Wonder all day, the LA Aguinaldo way


Not all who wonder are lost, some are just wondering in style. For Internet’s resident wonderboy LA Aguinaldo, behind every outfit lies one goal — to explore the depths of the universe.

Building off from his career as a model and now a vlogger, LA is a big travel junkie with an impressive wardrobe. A cool, well-collected guy with a charming personality, this is reflected in the way he dresses.

If that’s the vibe you’re aiming for, chances are, LA might just be the style icon you need. Dissecting through his Instagram, here are some of the staple pieces that could help you be an adventurous cover boy (or girl) like him.

Cargo Pants

While some of us might prefer to go away from the city to unwind, let LA convince you otherwise. With the bustling streets of Manila being too uptight already, why not make things a little bit convenient?

It’s time to put your skinny and fit jeans away because cargo pants are now slowly making their way back since their popularization in the late 2000s. Providing a calm and effortless look, going out and about the concrete jungle has never been this comfortable.

Tie-Dye Shirt

Another example of an old-fashioned piece that’s still very on-trend. There’s nothing more that screams summer other than wearing a vibrant tie-dye shirt.

Whether you’d be buying or making one yourself, Tie-dyes add a pop of color that just makes the tropical season sing.

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Fanny Pack

If you’re an always-on-the-go type of person, traveling light is always the best option. Fanny packs, in particular, are lifesavers as they are minimal in size but with a roomy compartment. It can also be paired with any outfit so what’s not to like?


As we anticipate for the beginning of summer, we still, however, have a lot of chilly nights to savor. In this type of weather, hoodies are definitely reliable.

Of course, we can’t end this without shamelessly plugging LA’s merch. If you’re not a hoodie person before, maybe this would change your mind. Check out more of his products through this link.

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