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IG RAID: Artist couple Zild Benitez and Shanne Dandan’s swoon-worthy moments

IG RAID: Artist couple Zild Benitez and Shanne Dandan’s swoon-worthy moments

What makes a pair the cutest?

It could be in how well they mesh and do things together or how much they genuinely love each other. Musician and IV of Spades’ frontman Zild Benitez and singer-visual artist Shanne Dandan is an epitome of a ‘cute’ couple– but they are much more than that.

Shanne and Zild, or ‘ShIld’ as their loyal fans call them, has a je ne sais quoi aura that draws us in. Everyone admires them not for their looks, fame, or accomplishments, but rather for who they are and how they make us feel. With that, they inspire others to develop their own relationship with joy and sincerity.

Speaking of ‘feels’ (and with Valentine’s Day just around the corner), isn’t this the best time to feel all the kilig from our cutest artist couple, ShIld? Scroll through to look at some of their harmonious moments that will make your heart go pitter-patter.

“I’ll love you ’til my God is dead”

Truth is always sweeter than fiction when it comes to romantic tales of power couples falling in love. In an IG live, Shanne shared how she and Zild met.Weirdo ‘yon eh. … Bigla siyang tumabi sa’kin, tapos bigla siyang bumulong– sabi niya, ‘Courtship Day 1’.”

And the rest is history. Can you believe that they have been together for six years? They are steady and now on their way to infinity and beyond!

“I‘ll love you even this song ends”

Music has always been a center stage for Zild and Shanne, and it is music that breathes life into their melodic relationship. The two singer-songwriters, who also happen to be in love, can introduce twice as much heartfelt emotion.

In a recent interview, they talked about their collaboration experience for Shanne’s latest single track, Hanggang sa Langit. “Masaya kasi we understand each other, ‘yung kung anong gusto naming mangyari sa song.” This proves how Zild and Shanne are also each other’s biggest supporters in the OPM industry.

But do you know what makes a song more powerful? It is when there is an actual love involved. There is no other song that can compare to the one that was written with deep affection. So FYI, Zild wrote and dedicated two tracks for Shanne in his latest album, Huminga. Talk about a major ‘sana ol’ moment.

Everyone is tired of me
Sadness is my ecstasy
I’m overthinking you and me
If this is not reality
You might just be too good for me
I’m just a broken melody
It seems like just a fantasy
For someone to be heavenly
My angel
My angel

Lyrics from the song, ‘Glyndel’ on Zild’s album, Huminga.

“I’ll love you ’til my lungs won’t breathe”

Romance is not dead– though 2020 gave couples endless challenges, including social distancing. But that didn’t stop Shanne from riding out the lockdown to throw a birthday surprise for Zild like a scene straight out of a movie! Indeed, we all go the extra mile for love.

Sure, grand romantic gestures are nice, but it’s still the most trivial things that make it impossible not to adore them. In fact, the little things are the relationship, be it through silly inside jokes or even just a quick peck in the cheek.

“I love you, baby, I love you, dear”

We don’t label Zild and Shanne as “relationship goals” just because they’ve been together for a long time and write heartwarming messages to each other on social media. It is because of the qualities, effort, and unrivaled love they have in their bond– the kind of love that can only be read through history textbooks.

And just like other iconic couples, they will also go down in history as the cutest artist couple alive.

Do you have other favorite ShIld moments that aren’t on the list? Share it with us!

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