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IG RAID: Oh Sehun, EXO’s expensive maknae

IG RAID: Oh Sehun, EXO’s expensive maknae

Young, Hot and Famous — he slew all his modelling career with his almost-perfect physique. That is Sehun for you.

He’s not just known for being the maknae from one of K-pop’s biggest boy groups, EXO. He was also known for being a global ambassador for Dior. He modelled with various brands and magazines. Actor, Model, and Idol is there anything that Sehun can’t do?

The E on his name means— expensive.

Oh Sehun, famously known as Se Hun, is the Lead Dancer, Lead Rapper, Sub-Vocalist, Visual, and Maknae of the boy group hailed as Korea’s Nation’s Pick, EXO. EXO’s Sehun is known for his amazing dance and rap style. But also for his keen eye for fashion.

Known as the expensive maknae, let’s look at his Dior-clad photos as seen on his Instagram.

Se Hun for Dior Men Fall 22

Here we can see Sehun wearing three sets from Dior’s Fall 2022 Collection, which is Posing for GQ Korea. He looks dashing and cool but not too cool like the weather during the fall.

Se Hun for Dior & Sacai #LoveYourW

In this first collaboration of two luxury fashion houses, Dior paired up with Sacai and created a 57-piece collection featuring a mainly black and white palette for men. And in this photo, we can see the combination of Dior’s elegant but conservative pieces with a touch of casual to a formal blend of clothing style by Sacai.

Se Hun for Dior Spring 22 via Dazed Korea

Spring symbolizes new beginnings, a hint of freshness in the air. For this look, this expensive maknae is sporting a fresh style, making him look younger and renewed.

Se Hun for Esquire Korea sporting Dior Winter 21

Cool and charming. This photo for Esquire Korea emanates the spirit of winter with our maknae wearing a piece from Dior’s Winter 21 collection.

Se Hun for Dior Summer 22

Summer with Dior plus EXO’s Sehun? I am telling you, it is hot, hot, HOT.

Se Hun for Dior Ski Collection

Dazed Korea features Sehun in this winter-themed shoot with Dior’s Ski Collection.

Sehun is undoubtedly a dream boy and a boyfriend-material with undeniable boyish charms and a cool aura. No wonder he was chosen by Dior to be their global ambassador.

EXO is a group of talented individuals, but more than being idols, most of them are global fashion icons. Special mention to all the other members who are ambassadors of other luxury brands.

First, we have Gucci‘s global ambassador, Kai. Second, we have Baekhyun, who is a brand ambassador of Burberry. Third, we have Suho as the brand representative of Bvlgari and Bottega. Next, we have Chanyeol, who was named a Prada ambassador. And last but not least, Lay is the Chinese representative of Valentino.

I don’t know about you, but I think the E in EXO means Expensive.

Which ones do you fancy the most among the amazing fits of our favourite expensive maknae? Let us know in the comments below.

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