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H.E.R. is proud of her Philippine roots — mentions how Filipinos dominate the GRAMMYs

H.E.R. is proud of her Philippine roots — mentions how Filipinos dominate the GRAMMYs

H.E.R. Grammy Awards Filipino

November 23 marked a very special day for Filipino-American singer H.E.R. as she kicked off her morning by being nominated in the upcoming 64th annual Grammy Awards.

H.E.R. Grammy Awards Filipino

H.E.R. being part of a wide array of amazing artists nominated

She joins other great artists, just like television personality Jon Batiste, and groundbreaking boy band BTS. Of course, there are more nominees to announce for the prestigious award-giving body.

The Best Part singer had no clue that she would become one of the night’s biggest contenders. It’s amazing how she and singer-rapper Doja Cat had earned eight nominations, making them have the most nods for female artists this year. For male artists, Jon Batiste had the most nominations, with 11. 

Accomplishing so much at the age of 25

In a phone conversation with Billboard on Tuesday, it is evident that the singer is very overwhelmed with the number of nominations she was given.

“Yeah, I did not expect that at all. Honestly, I didn’t. It’s crazy. It feels crazy. It’s a special day. I got [21 total Grammy] nominations at 24. It was a lot of years leading up to this point, but I look back at my journey, and I’m so grateful that it led me here.” 

The young polymath singer has over 20 nominations tucked under her belt at the age of 25. H.E.R. has also won four Grammy Awards. These include the Song of the Year for “I Can’t Breathe” at this March’s ceremonies and also Best R&B album, self-titled, H.E.R. back in 2019. 

This year, H.E.R. will compete in two of the big four categories. Massive awards like Song of the Year for her Judas and The Messiah Soundtrack standout “Fight For You.” Also, Album of the Year, for her official debut full-length “Back of My Mind.”

When asked about being a Grammy darling, the young singer couldn’t help but gush over the recognitions she’s gotten.

“It’s nuts. I’m grateful to be a part of the culture. I’m grateful to be leading a generation, and just being recognized alone is crazy. It hasn’t fully hit me, but it all feels insane.”

Showing love to Doja Cat

The singer also showed love to her fellow artist Doja Cat who, as mentioned, has received as many nominations. We can all smell the female empowerment in the room.

“There’s two females who are leading in the nominations: that’s me and Doja Cat. We both have eight nominations, and you don’t see that. I’m really, really excited for her.”

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She continued by describing how she admires the “Say Sosinger and her many wonderful attributes.

“She’s hot and has had an amazing, amazing year doing what she does. She’s killing it and I’m a major fan. I’m excited to see her sweep all the Grammys.”

Being at the pedestal with her fellow Filipino artists

Being the proud Filipino she is, she also mentioned to Billboard how she cheers for her fellow artists with Philippine roots.

“Of course, there’s also other Filipinos who are nominated, and that’s also a rare thing that you see. There’s me, Olivia Rodrigo, Saweetie — and of course Bruno Mars, who’s part Filipino as well. So it’s dope to see a lot of Filipino artists nominated at the Grammys.”

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