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Hello World, Hello Bloom Beauty!

Hello World, Hello Bloom Beauty!

Beauty is such a fragile thing in a world full of judgments. From all the countless stereotypes and standards being made for it, we often fail to see how delicate it is. The world, until now, keeps telling us that we should look at certain types of ways that fit what most like. Not only do these affect us physically, but also mentally. Because of this, it prevents us from seeing the true, fine beauty of it all—what lies deep inside ourselves. In this social conversation, it would be so wrong not to mention the contributions of makeup. For years, this has been used by millions to conceal what they view are their flaws and imperfections. But what we need to understand is that this is not only its purpose. Yes, makeup does hide these things, but it also celebrates a much more profound thing—our beauty. And this is exactly what Hello Bloom Beauty wants everyone to know and feel!

After interviewing the mastermind of Hello Bloom Beauty, now it’s time to dive in on just some of the amazing products from the unique and beautiful brand! But if you still haven’t read the first part, you can check it here!

Beauty is a delicate thing. Hello Bloom Beauty not only protects but also celebrates you with all your uniqueness—both inside and out.

Born from the sun-soaked streets of Manila in 2020, Hello Bloom Beauty is a beauty/makeup brand that dedicates itself to uniqueness and sustainability. Of course, this includes its aesthetically-pleasing packaging and high-quality products. Bloom is truly a must-have in your life. Not to mention, it’s also cruelty-free in both its values and environmental stance!

Meet the owner of Hello Bloom Beauty

Social media manager and entrepreneur Angelica Tuazon is the owner of Hello Bloom Beauty! The 28-year-old started to conceive her plans for the now-established brand back in 2019. She aims to make everyone feel good, comfortable, and confident in their own unique skin. Fast forward to 2022. Bloom is growing rapidly—even accumulating a big following called “Bloom Beauties,” as Angel likes to call her supporters.

Remaining stern in making Bloom has become notable in the beauty industry for the kindness and honesty it provides. Angel most definitely is on her way to that objective. So, when I interviewed her (stay tuned for that!), she was so kind that she sent over some products that I’m sure everyone will need for the beauty arsenal! Not to mention, it’s all in a super cute, chic, and fluffy pouch!

Glow Pop Lip & Blush Balm

Probably my personal favorite from what Angel sent to me, this balm is to die for! First of all, it has this beautifully chic packaging that can conveniently be put inside any type of bag—big or small. Second, it’s an amazing application on your lips. Not only does it make it “glow” and “pop” in pink. But, it also reacts nicely with the natural PH levels of your lips. Trust me, the feeling of applying this is just *a chef’s kiss*

And, Glow Pop is also versatile. Because of how vivid its effects are, it can be utilized as a blush as well! Honestly an amazing addition to your mug for that rosy-glow effect!

Blossie Glossie Lip Glosses

“The love child of lip paint and lip gloss” according to Angel. These glosses are impeccable. I mean just the packaging alone can make anyone crazy over it. But, of course, with such a lovely presentation, these glosses need to also be effective. And, that’s exactly what they are. If you want fuller and more plumped lips, these glosses are just for you. Not to mention, they’re extremely lightweight and moisturizing.

The wonderful Blossie Glossie is also available in five different shades to match whatever mood you want to exude for the day!

Brow Fluff

Not to toot my own horn but I’m thankful that my eyebrows are blessed by the gods. So, when Angel sent this product to me inside the pouch, I was ecstatic! I tried it on using the accompanied spoolie for the first time and it made my brows more defined than ever. I’ll definitely be using this when going out, and I suggest you do the same!

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The Brow Fluff is also available in three shades to match your hair color and skin tone!

Lip Paint

The pièce de résistance of Bloom is simply fantastic. Intensely pigmented with a soft matte finish, it brings out the beauty of one’s lips. Plus the application of these is so comfortable and has this cool, moisturizing feeling to it—definitely the contribution of the nourishing oils!

Having a great understanding of inclusive beauty in all facets and uniqueness, Bloom provides you with ten different shades of Lip Paint! You can be anybody you want to be, and these can help you achieve that confidently.

If you want to see more of Hello Bloom Beauty and what’s new and upcoming, you can follow their Facebook, TikTok, and Instagram. And if you want to shop their beautiful products, you can go to their official stores at Shopee and Lazada.

Shine on Bloom Beauties with Hello Bloom Beauty!

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