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Hello World, Hello Bloom Beauty! — Interview with Angelica Tuazon

Hello World, Hello Bloom Beauty! — Interview with Angelica Tuazon

Hello Bloom Beauty is a beauty brand fit for the modern, more inclusive age. Celebrating uniqueness and individuality with her products, it’s time to talk to the mastermind of it all — Angelica Tuazon!

Owner of Hello Bloom Beauty, Angelica talks about her passion for makeup, inspirations, and plans for her brand in the future!

Having the desire to help empower the people of today in understanding the beauty of their individuality, 28-year-old social media manager and entrepreneur Angelica Tuazon is devoted to doing exactly that with Hello Bloom Beauty. Though still in the beginning stages, Bloom is already gaining much recognition in the local beauty community.

With high-quality products that are affordable along with her empowering messages, Angelica, or Angel for short, has earned the trust and support of many beauty enthusiasts whom she calls her Bloom Beauties.

What or who got you into having a passion for makeup?

I’ve always loved makeup since I was a little girl. I can still picture myself sneaking out to play with my mom’s makeup. I also customized my Barbie’s makeup look before!

But when I started schooling, especially in HS, we are not allowed to wear any makeup. ‘Di ba when we were in high school, if someone saw you wearing makeup iba na yung tingin nila sa’yo. They will cat-call you, call you names; “maarte”, “malandi”, etc. That’s also the main reason why I wanted to create a makeup brand – affordable and accessible to all especially students.I want my brand to become a tool for women and men of all sizes, colors and ages to express themselves freely. That’s where the name “BLOOM” came from. Just like flowers, allow ourselves to bloom, in any place, at any time, regardless of what others think. JUST LET YOURSELF BLOOM.

Is there a moment when you told yourself “Okay, it’s time to pursue a career in the beauty industry”?

Yes! Year 2019 when I am eager to build my own brand. I got inspired by local brands that are booming at that time, especially Ms. Nina of Colourette! I always listened to her inspiring messages on her Tiktok account. (If you are reading this Ms. Nina, thank you!)

I also worked as a marketing gal for Japanese and Korean cosmetics for 6 years, so I was super exposed to the world of beauty and skincare. Because of that, I was even more inspired to create my own brand.

How did Hello Bloom Beauty come to be? What was your inspiration for creating the brand?

Hello Bloom Beauty took a year to develop. Before, as a one-woman team, I had to start everything from scratch. In the year 2019, I began writing down all of my business plans in my journal. This is true; write down all of your desires and work on manifesting them. Check your list every day and be motivated to fulfill it one by one. And you will be surprised one day, na’sayo na yung pinapangarap mo. Sounds cliche, right? But true!

Year 2020, the pandemic hit. Everyone got affected by this. A lot paused and canceled their plans, but me? I mustered the courage to launch my business because I think I would burst if I do not start at that moment. I am fueled by my dreams and desires and scared at the same time. Because who would have started their business in the middle of the pandemic, right? But I took the leaped and launched my brand. The best decision I’ve ever made.

This is my advice to everyone who wants to start a business or is still hesitant to pursue their dreams. If you always think about it, DO IT. No one will start your dream for you unless you do it for yourself.

I also got inspired by my former lady boss, (Hi Ms. Cheryl Chua of K-Palette!) and other female-led companies: BLK, Happy Skin, Sunnies Face and Colourette. As a dreamer myself, I want to be like them too. I want to create and build my own brand backed by my mission to serve beauty products that everyone can use to express their creativity and individuality!

With Hello Bloom Beauty’s social media presence, specifically on Instagram, I admire the empowering messages you provide along with your products. There’s not only an interactive connection between the brand and its Bloom Beauties, but also a deep and personal one that I feel is still lacking right now in the industry. So why does Hello Bloom Beauty do it?

I think this is the secret—build a genuine connection with your followers. Act as your true self, and give your brand a personality. That’s what I learned during our first few months, I made a lot of friends through this brand. We shared a lot of stories together, I consider my brand’s followers to be my friends. I approach them as ME, not as the brand (you know, sounds too sales-ly). And that’s how it started.

My brand, I believe, reflects who I am as a person. Hello Bloom Beauty is like my “mini-me.” Haha! And always remember that your followers are human beings like you, with emotions and different personalities. So why would you approach them with an “emotionless” brand? Connect with them, talk to them, celebrate with them. Create a genuine relationship with them.

The products you sent me really made me feel really confident I have to say, especially the Glow Pop lip and blush balm. So is there anything you want your Bloom Beauties to feel when using your products?

Yes, I want them to be comfortable and confident in their own skin. Our brand’s tagline is “Bloom as you are,” which means blossom and reveal your true self! Because I believe we are all beautiful beings from the start, our products will simply make them feel better about themselves. Hello Bloom Beauty encourages everyone to express and embrace their own individuality without fear of being judged.

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To all the beauty and make-up enthusiasts out there, what message would you like to give to them?

Don’t allow anybody or anything to get in the way of you loving yourself. If putting on makeup can make you feel comfortable, then wear it and buy more! If finishing your skincare regimen would make you feel more beautiful, go ahead and do it. Don’t allow other people’s negativity to influence how you see yourself or how you should be treated.

And for the final question, what’s next for Hello Bloom Beauty?

A LOT. We will be collaborating with other content creators and brands soon! More products are still in the works, and we can’t wait for everyone to see them!

To be honest, Hello Bloom Beauty is still a baby brand that hasn’t reached its breakthrough yet, but we’re grateful for every baby step we’ve taken and will take in the future. Every step teaches us a lesson and shapes us into the brand that we genuinely want to be.

We are grateful to all of the Bloom Beauties who have shown us love and support along the way. Hello Bloom Beauty will be one of the makeup brands that will create its own name in the beauty industry for being a KIND and HONEST beauty!

With Angel’s empowering take on the beauty industry that has gained her a strong and supportive following, this only means that Bloom definitely has a bright future ahead.

If you want to see more of Hello Bloom Beauty and what’s new and upcoming, you can follow their Facebook, TikTok, and Instagram. And if you want to shop their beautiful products, you can go to their official stores at Shopee and Lazada

So shine on Bloom Beauties with Hello Bloom Beauty! Also stay tuned for the second part of Hello Bloom Beauty where I highlight some of the brand’s beautiful products!

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