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Look Into Her Eyes, Andrei Terry’s Eye Makeup Will Surely Captivate You

Look Into Her Eyes, Andrei Terry’s Eye Makeup Will Surely Captivate You

Andrei surely knows how to rock a good lace front and sharp eye makeup. Undoubtedly, we can expect her to always turn out looks.

Andrei Terry

Andrei, 18, perfectly encapsulates the femme fatale aesthetic. Andrei has basically got it down from her hair, and eye makeup all the way to her outfits in creating bold looks that screams “It Girl”. Also gaining a great following on Tiktok, Andrei garnered a whopping 250k followers, with 10.5 million likes. Clearly a sign of her immense skill as a makeup artist.

Andrei’s Gaze

At just 18, Andrei already surpassed most of our skills in makeup. One can never have a liner just as sharp as hers. Sultry eye makeup has been a signature look for Andrei, especially the ever-so-famous fox-eye look that just looks 10 times better on her. Along with her gorgeous wigs that look like the strands are growing out of her scalp themselves.  Andrei surely knows how to fuel a fantasy, and live in it.

Photo Credits: Instagram/@andrei_terry

Andrei is not just a one-note artist, obviously. Apart from her sultry eye makeup looks, Andrei also dips into gorgeous concepts in creating her other looks. Particularly her graphic eye looks that just show her immense discipline and steady hand to line such intricate elements all within the area of her eyes. Not only the graphic linework but also the capability to blend all the colors seamlessly. With a canvas that small, Andrei has created a full-blown artwork. Further establishing that she is in a league of her own.

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Andrei is catching more and more eyes

Andrei has already been tapped by big local brands as a content creator and we have seen international brands eyeing her as well. For an artist as young as her, we can expect more and more opportunities to come her way. Indeed, a force to be reckoned wind as she take over the beauty industry one eye at a time.

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