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TREND ALERT! Single Layer Makeup is Perfect for a Daily Glowing Look

TREND ALERT! Single Layer Makeup is Perfect for a Daily Glowing Look

Another trend to spring up from TikTok. Single Layer Makeup is taking tips from professionals and easing them for the everyday gal.

Another Day Another Trend

It was only a few days ago when people were ravaging for their shimmers, and shadows to try out the Douyin Makeup Trend. However, western TikTok users are now bringing in a new trend to the table. The single-layer makeup is perfect for people who do not react well to multiple layers of base makeup on their skin. For instance, oily skin types tend to get a slip on their face as the layers of makeup oil up their skin as the day goes by. Finally, with less product, and a lot of setting spray, you get to keep your makeup natural, weightless, and long-lasting.

What Makes Single Layer Makeup Different?

Photo Credits: Tiktok

The method proliferated by makeup artists for so long had us using tons of product. With the fame of contouring all over the industry, we layered foundation, concealer, blush and powders on our skin all the time. Definitely, it accumulates too much product not needed in some areas. The difference in single layer makeup however is, you dab product only where it needs to be seen. Usually you start with highlight, then contour, then blush. All using cream products specifically. Once you have dabbed on the products, you mist your face with setting spray to hydrate the products, then you blend them together. While keeping the products in their respective areas instead of all over. Thus, single layer makeup creates a seamless look with little product, and just the right amount of coverage. 

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Who Should Try it?

Photo Credits: Tiktok

Everyone! What makes single layer makeup special is that it uses products that are already available in most of our kits. The only difference is the method of application. Furthermore, even if skin types vary, the method will cater to all people. The steps allow for users to get creative with the amount they use. As seen in single layer makeup, you only need to know the zones where each specific product is needed on your face. So, get painting and try out this lighter air brushed method on your next day out.

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