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Harry Styles as a fashion icon on magazine covers

Harry Styles as a fashion icon on magazine covers

Guess who never goes out of style? Of course, it’s Harry Styles! An established pop icon who started his musical career in One Direction in 2010. The now solo British singer, songwriter, and actor continues to make history with his latest album, Harry’s House

However, the As It Was singer proves he is more versatile than people think. We have seen the evolution of Styles’ fashion picks and how he explores wardrobe with immaculate taste. Definitely, Harry Styles is an ultimate fashion icon who is not afraid to wear different styles.

See the stunning looks of the best-dressed musician in various magazines Harry Styles covered for!

Making his own rules with VOGUE

Harry Styles really did make his own rules for being the first-ever solo man to cover for U.S Vogue. In December 2020 issue, he had the Gucci look for his blazer and lace, ruffled dress on the cover. While Styles also adorned a cage dress on the left photo, a look of Harris Reed.

Photo | Vogue | Tyler Mitchell

This still remains his most famous cover look in a magazine, embracing his feminine side. His fashion style in this compliments the scenery of the location where it feels free, in which choices in fashion should also be. Styles also said in Vogue’s interview, that putting up barriers means limiting yourself. It is a symbolic move for being one of the celebrities who bring back genderless fashion.

A bold look for BEAUTY PAPERS

Beauty Papers magazine featured Harry Styles as the cover for the Summer 2020 Revolution issue. The heat of the summer was felt when Styles posed for a sexy, daring look on the cover. He styled his Gucci heeled loafers with fishnet stockings with a bare torso.

Photo | Beauty Papers | Casper Sejersen

Styles also went for a bold make-up look with an intense contour on his face. He had a different persona in this look, channeling Charlie Chaplin vibes in facial expression while wearing a 70s-inspired suit, paired with the same loafers. Harry Styles really rocks every piece of clothing he puts on.

He is the moment on DAZED

Fans got dazed and confused with Harry Styles’ looks in Dazed. Released of Winter 2021 issue of the magazine featured Styles as the cover star. He went all out in his fashion, carrying eccentric clothes with various personalities.

Photo | Dazed | Rafael Pavarotti

But with the chosen photos above, he wore his signature-colored, high-waisted flared pants. These kinds of bottom suit him as it gives emphasis to his long legs and small waist. He exuded a modern retro style, who’s ready to party at some disco. But at the same time, he gave suave modern Elvis Presley vibes in the right photo. He’s an icon, he’s a legend, and he is the moment!

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Rock ‘n Roll with ANOTHER MAN

Oh boy! Another Man got Harry Styles for their Issue 23 Autumn/Winter 2016. During this period of time, Styles was about to begin his solo music career. He also started exploring fashion that was different from what he looked like during his One Direction days.

Photo | Another Man | Willy Vanderperre

His fashion style in the magazine gave off a rock solo artist. Wearing a choker, black and red combo fits, and long, wavy hair! What makes it more interesting was how he rocked the staple Converse. He perfectly matched the soft pink high-cut shoes to the strong and intimidating color combinations of his clothes. We did really see the fashion icon in the making during 2016.

Being the world’s most wanted man on ROLLING STONE

Rolling Stones tapped Harry Styles, the “world’s most wanted man“, to cover their September 2022 issue. His fashion style in the magazine is the current ‘Harry Styles‘ we usually see on his TV appearances or Love On Tour concerts. With Styles’ fondness for bright colorful clothes, he’s perfect to model a summer September.

Photo | Rolling Stone | Amanda Fordyce

He went for 80s-inspired looks in this magazine which screamed very ‘Harry Styles’. A retro workout-like fit matched with a cozy yellow cardigan for his cover look. In the right photo, he wore red sleeveless, partnered with his love for suspenders. While his style on the left gave off a real 1980s summer fits with that short blue shorts.

Fashion has no gender, but gender-fluid fashion is not a trend. Fashion requires your genuineness because choosing what you wear reflects your identity and expression. Just like Harry Styles, he set an inspiration to the young generation that people shouldn’t be afraid to embrace the fashion they find comfort.

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