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INSTAGRAM RAID: Liv Huffman’s most beautiful crochet pieces

INSTAGRAM RAID: Liv Huffman’s most beautiful crochet pieces

In an earlier article, I told the story of how I fell in love with crocheting because of Liv Huffman. On June 16, 2020, she posted a TikTok video of herself making a knock-off version of Harry Styles’ JW Anderson cardigan. However, she didn’t have the facilities to buy the €1,535 cardigan.

So, she did the same style in crochet with her mediocre (at the time) skills. Because of her video, a lot of people have begun to replicate her idea — crocheting the world-famous Harry Styles cardigan.


I made myself a knock off of harry styles’ jw anderson cardigan lmao #fyp #foryou #foryoupage #harrystyles

♬ original sound – Liv Huffman

Of course, the sweater changed her life. Two years later, she announced that she is going to have a crochet book titled, Contemporary Crochet. It features 35 original super easy garments and accessories, including an homage to the cardigan that started it all. It will be officially out on September 13th in stores and online. 


I MADE A CROCHET BOOK!! and you can pre-order it now using the link in my bio! #crochet #harrystylescardigan

♬ original sound – Liv Huffman

So, naturally, we should raid her Instagram and show off Liv Huffman’s most beautiful crochet pieces:

The Marc Jacobs It Girl Cardigan

Heaven by Marc Jacobs released a miniature striped cardigan. However, due to its $180 price tag, it’s hard for most people to acquire one. Liv, being one of them, recreated the cardigan with her crochet skills. It is cropped the same way as the original one with contrast stripes and extra long layered sleeves. 

You can see Liv’s process here in this TikTok video below:


i recreated the heavn marc jacobs ‘it girl’ cardigan!! it came out so cute #crochet #marcjacobs #heavn

♬ Bad Habit – Steve Lacy

Liv and her much-awaited balaclava

A balaclava, also known as a ski mask, is a form of cloth headgear designed to expose only part of the face. Balaclavas are usually plain black and isn’t usually fun to look at. Of course, Liv changed the course with a stylish red and black striped one. She styled it with red lipstick and a pair of red contac lenses. 

Of course, she showed it off in a TikTok video. As she should.

The Backless Rainbow Romper

Rompers are a one-piece garment combining a top and shorts. Of course, Liv made it fun in a rainbow hue and a backless rear. She styled it with a pair of black thigh high boots. It definitely looks perfect for the hot LA weather. 

Liv and her first try on a hoodie and a balaclava

Just one top is already time-consuming. And, my patience already runs out because of it. Liv must have a long patience as she created this hoodie with tons of granny squares in different colors. She styled it with her first balaclava, a pair of leather pants, and some loafers. 

The TikTok Cardigan (made by more than 400 hands all over the world)

Now, this must be one of the most sentimental creations she ever did. At the start of the -ber months in 2020, she asked her fellow crochetiers to send a crocheted square of their choice for an international TikTok cardigan. After a few weeks, she received (at the time of filming) four hundred squares from all over the world.

She documented her process in a YouTube video that you can see below.

And, because people sent her so many squares and a lot of those were left over, she decided to complete an outfit with said squares. Of course, these include the TikTok pants and TikTok bag. 

And, of course, the Harry Styles cardigan that started it all.

I’m so excited to buy Liv’s book, Contemporary Crochet! Ah, I’m so proud of her and hopefully, I can crochet just as beautiful as she does.

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