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Hangout at BGC

Hangout at BGC

If you’re looking for a place where you and your family and friends can enjoy, you might want to check out one of the well-known lifestyle districts in Metro Manila. Everywhere you look, you can find something to try out and it’s one of the best places for your outside photoshoots. Let’s go to BGC!

BGC | Bonifacio Global City

BGC is one of the many places where business communities can be found in the nation. It is found in Taguig City. What makes it more well-known is the variety of options that visitors can have when it comes to finding enjoyment. The particular district has been often visited by fellow Filipinos and foreigners. They have even taken up residence there. 

It was called Fort McKinley before it was known as Bonifacio Global City. Then, Fort Bonifacio became its name in honor of one of our Filipino heroes, Andres Bonifacio. It was a military base for years until it was brought to life with colors. Now, there is a multitude of dining spots, shopping stores, recreational areas, and many more. 

Stores and restaurants left and right

At the center of BGC is Bonifacio High Street. It is where most of the stores are situated. The range includes accessories, clothing, books, gear, and the like. There are many varieties since the area houses local and international brands. 

Not only is this street known for its shops but it also has diverse dining spots perfect for eating with your dates, friends, or family. Coffee and ice cream? Udon? Pastries? It’s all there. If you also want to have a drinking night out with some friends after a long, hard day, BGC has several bars you could hit up. 

Chilling at BGC

If you want to take a little breather from all the walking, there are seats all around. Along the High Street, there is a little park at the center where you could just sit on the grass. You can even let your pets run around and let them meet their new friends.

Also, Track 30th and Terra 28th are two of the best areas to do yoga, meditation, jogging, or simply lounge around after walking around. Most importantly, the areas are clean. Of course, there is a strict policy of no littering.

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If it’s an exercise you are looking for but not necessarily the gym, there are bikes and scooters you can rent. Moovr PH allows you to rent a bike for P15 every 15 minutes and a scooter for P50 every 20 minutes. You only need to download their app, create an account, and bring your own helmet. 

BGC art for the heart

One of the things that people also love is the art showcased everywhere. It’s in the park, outside of shopping stores, and on the massive walls. It’s public art that will turn heads and wake one’s creativity. 

Bonifacio Global City has so many to offer when it comes to having a good time. You can find amusement whether you’re just walking around or having dinner with your companions. 

It’s a place to stir innovative minds and find simple treasures on your own or with your loved ones.

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