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How To Know Your Weight Loss Diet Is Not Working For You

How To Know Your Weight Loss Diet Is Not Working For You

We have all tried multiple weight loss programs and all the fad diets. All we want to do is lose weight and we can’t seem to figure out why particular diets don’t work for us. So, how do we know if what we’re doing is the best weight to lose weight? According to experts, there are key signs. 

So, here are the signs to know your weight loss diet isn’t working for you:

You feel tired or your energy remains low. 

Natural fatigue happens when you change anything about your diet. However, if you have the right diet, that should disappear after a few days. If it doesn’t, on the other hand, it means that your body isn’t getting the nutrients that you need. Maybe, you’re excluding key food groups that your body needs to run well like carbs or fat. Or, maybe, you’re not eating enough calories to sustain your body’s energy requirements.

Constantly hangry.

This remains a clear sign of calorie deprivation. Listen to your body. And, when you’re constantly hungry, it’s your body telling it needs more. Combining the feeling of low energy and being constantly hungry, your body is already warning you that your diet isn’t sufficient. Maybe, you’re not eating enough protein, fiber, or calories, or maybe all three. 

Skin reacts poorly to the new diet. 

Sometimes, a diet change will lead to an initial acne outbreak or dry skin. However, those conditions clear up shortly. The skin often reacts poorly when high-fat food isn’t balanced properly with carbs, veggies, and fruit. Excessive oiliness or pimples particularly around the face. 

Your skin will feel drier if you’re dehydrated from not having enough water to facilitate digestion. Often, we think that the water we need only comes from the fluids we drink. However, much of it also comes from the food and fruits we eat. When you exclude key food groups, you reduce the hydration intake that your body needs. 

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Craving healthy food that you’re “not” allowed to have.

You might crave chocolate or ice cream. However, those are low-nutrient foods. So, if you crave them, it’s more likely a mental or emotional craving, not a physical one. This sign speaks more to craving certain food groups that your diet may exclude like grains, fats, or fruits.

If you ever have the strange urge for oranges or grapefruit? It’s often a signal to eat or drink more citrus. So, you can get important nutrients like Vitamin C. The bottom line is that if you’re on a truly healthy diet, you rarely experience physically-based cravings of wanting healthy foods that you’re not allowed to have. 

If you experience any warning signs, what should you do? Stop this diet. You don’t need to worry about carrying your resolution. You must find another solution. Aside from that, you also have to make sure that you look for a healthy diet that promotes healthy weight loss, not a quick one. 

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