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Grow Grow your Online Business to Go Go for Success with GoGo Xpress

Grow Grow your Online Business to Go Go for Success with GoGo Xpress

Not all social sellers are tech-savvy and can navigate websites easily.

To help small and average-sized enterprises, E-commerce and technology support company GoGo Xpress has made everything much better. It provides an even more hassle-free—from listing to delivery—selling experience, along with brand new features. This also includes GoBenta—a tech-based improvement on the already-innovative logistics platform.

GoGo Xpress has launched GoGo sa Success. It also adds new features with more improvements to the already-awesome GoBenta—a storefront feature that allows sellers to create up to 100 product links. These links would include descriptions, stock availability, and price. Sellers can attach their GoBenta store to their Facebook page’s chat with Messenger Shop. They can also just simply share the link on their social media. This allows buyers to easily visit and check out items they wish to purchase.

For a better BETTER GoBenta, GoGo Xpress has made enhancements for an improved and more hassle-free Benta experience.

“Grow Grow sa Business and GoGo sa Success with GoGo Xpress with our ground-breaking tech services and new features for online sellers and entrepreneurs. We’ve always been known in the industry as an innovative company. We recently launched GoBenta and our Messenger Shop to make it even easier for sellers to do business,” said Mia Bulatao, GoGo Xpress President & Chief Executive Officer.

For its new campaign, GoGo Xpress reiterates its commitment to being more than just a logistics company. It is also a partner to MSMEs. With it, GoGo Xpress continues to provide low-cost but high-quality and innovative products and services. This ensures the business success of social sellers.

“At the heart of this new campaign is GoGo Xpress’ sincere desire and commitment to help and support Filipino entrepreneurs. Our mission is to make everything hassle-free so they can grow their businesses and become successful,” said Bulatao.

With the new campaign, GoGo sa Success, GoGo Xpress is telling the public that hassle-free social selling is important for the journey towards success.

First, the new app homepage allows sellers to navigate the tools and services more efficiently. Sellers may choose GoPadala for all their logistics needs, and GoBenta for social selling.

Second, sellers now have more time to pack orders. This is because of the ability to now approve sales orders first and schedule pickup whenever ready.

Third, buyers can share their #GGXperience and rate their GoGo Xpress Seller after every successful delivery.

These new features enhance what GoGo Xpress already has to offer. Social sellers can now create unique promo or discount codes for their products. This helps them promote and increase their sales. They can also install the My Performance Dashboard which allows them to track the performance and progress of their businesses. 

“Social selling and entrepreneurship, in general, are easier if the load is shared with a reliable logistics and tech business solutions partner that supports your dream for your business by making the selling experience easier and more convenient. What we have done is to make GoGo Xpress very user-friendly so that with a few taps and clicks, you can sell your goods and do business in the most convenient ways,” said McCoy Jacinto, Managing Director of GoGo Xpress.

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For more information, visit GoGo Xpress’s Website at https://www.gogoxpress.com/ 

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You can also check GoGo Xpress’ new campaign ad entitled GoGo Sa Success. Thi empowers social sellers to Grow Grow their business and GoGo for success.

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