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Get To Know More of Viñas DeLuxe Through Her Vlogs

Get To Know More of Viñas DeLuxe Through Her Vlogs

Before the queens of Drag Race Philippines were even ruvealed, names of possible contestants were already circulating on social media. Since Viñas DeLuxe is well known in the PH drag scene, she’s always part of the rumored list. Turns out it wasn’t just a ‘tsismis’. In fact, her werkroom entrance is the most remarkable with that ‘twalya couture.’ We’re really fortunate to see her kind of drag on the franchise’s first season.

Photo from: Viñas DeLuxe on Instagram

So far, Viñas has served show stopper looks and she’s also very hilarious especially on confessional and Untucked. As they say, she’s one of the comedy queens. However, this experience is incomplete unless you watch her vlogs on YouTube. Trust me, all of her videos are so entertaining!

Makeup Transformations

The drag queen’s first official vlog is a Nicki Minaj makeup transformation which was uploaded in April of 2020. It didn’t end there as she also showcases her makeup skills in transforming into other celebrities such as Mariah Carey, Beyonce, Regine Velasquez, Catriona Gray, and Rabiya Mateo. There’s also one where she recreates Trixie Mattel’s signature look and it is totally on point! I bet you won’t be able to tell the difference, mga misis!

Photo from: Viñas DeLuxe on YouTube


Viñas has made various collaborations with other drag queens on her channel. Few of these are with her fellow Mamwa Pao girls including Precious Paula Nicole who actually transformed her into Angelina Jolie. They made another video where they put two teen queers into drag for the first time. It was fun as they talked about crushes and petty fights, but they also gave sensible advice about achieving dreams. Viñas said, “natutupad ang dream, kung mayroon kang dream” in response to one of the teens who answered that she doesn’t know yet what she wants for the future. She added, “kapag mayroon ka nang dream, mas gaganahan kang gumising sa umaga kasi may gusto kang marating sa future.”

Photo from: Viñas DeLuxe on YouTube

Marina Summers and Brigiding also appeared on her channel where they both did her makeup. With Turing, they have a mukbang while answering questions from Facebook. In all of these, they enjoyed some drinks which they call ‘energin’, a cocktail or purely gin. It’s nice to see them outside of the competition and to know their beginning in the drag industry. Our queens are not just talented, they are also genuine individuals.

Behind the Scenes

Photo from: Viñas DeLuxe on YouTube

Now that the show is airing, Viñas started uploading behind the scenes of some events such as Drag Race Philippines premiere night. The photo shoots for the outfits that went on the main stage are also being documented. She shared as well the story behind her ‘Jeepney Couture’ promo look and I’m telling you, it was well thought out. We’re stanning a brainy queen!

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Some local queens resorted to creating their own YouTube channel when clubs closed down due to the pandemic. Obviously, their industry has been hit very hard, and they are only getting back on their feet now. Subscribing to them is one way of extending our support without losing any. And for us, it’s like being entertained for free. Through watching Viñas’ vlogs, I’m very sure you’ll love her even more!

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