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INSTAGRAM RAID: Times Gloco lead us to his Fishing Adventures

INSTAGRAM RAID: Times Gloco lead us to his Fishing Adventures

Gian Louis Concepcion, who goes by his online monicker, Gloco, is a Filipino gaming streamer and Youtuber from the YouTube account – GLOCO Gaming. You probably know him from his gaming streams, hilarious quips with fellow PeenoisePlays members, or his deep fascination for anime. Oh, and not to mention his Train to Busan Parody. But, did you know that the well-loved streamer is also a prolific fisher? 

From a childhood dream to a fulfilling life hobby, Gloco introduces us to the life of an Angler Fisherman

Photo Credits | @glocogaming via Instagram

Another of Gloco’s Life-long Passions

Besides beginning his passion for playing video games at an early age, Gloco’s love for fishing also started very early in life. In countless videos uploaded on PeenoisePlays and his own channel, Gloco has briefly mentioned the beginnings of his fishing passion.

In a Peenoise podcast episode, he recalls how as early as elementary he had already been introducing himself to class as the kid who dreams of one day becoming a fisherman. Isn’t it cool? However, Gloco only had the time to fully embrace this childhood dream, in recent years. Still, we’re loving all the updates we’re getting from his fishing adventures.

A Good First Catch!

On his Instagram post in April 2019, Gloco surprised his followers by sharing his first catch on social media. According to Gloco’s caption, the fish he nabbed was a Toman Snakehead fish, which is considered an invasive species that is originally native to Thailand and Malaysia. What makes this experience more special, especially for NhiLoco fans, is that he is accompanied by his friend Nhil Diaz.

First Biggest Catch

Meanwhile, on his May 17, 2019, IG post, Gloco flexes his first big fish catch. According to his caption, his huge catch is a catfish that measures 30 inches and weighs around 3.8Kg. Isn’t it such a nice catch? He further writes in his caption, #PersonalBest! However, this wouldn’t be Gloco’s last big catch as he further shared on IG more photos of his succeeding catches.

More of His Huge Catches

Gloco is an angler, which means he does fishing with a hook and a line. Some may be skeptical, asking whether fishing with a rod can actually do the trick in catching large fish. Meanwhile, some may have the notion that fishing with a rod will only snag small fish! But, wait! We just got corrected. Gloco’s series of gigantic catches prove us otherwise.

In this June 2019 post, Gloco shows off his large Red-tailed catfish catch which he identifies as his first River monster catch.

Meanwhile, in this May 22, 2019 post, Gloco proudly shows us his Red Belly Pacu catch, which is yet another new species he just unlocked! And if you’re thinking that this fish resembles the piranha, that’s because it is a close relative of the infamous fish.

Crickey! That’s One Odd-Fish!

Caught in Silay, Gloco bagged his first pre-historic fish by snagging an Alligator Gar. According to his 2019 post, this fish is such a rare find in the Philippines! Isn’t he so lucky?

Found a Monstrous Fish in Troubled Waters?

And we thought the Marikina River, a tributary river of Pasig River, could never bear fish besides Janitor fish. Well, yet again, Gloco proves us wrong! In his August 24, 2019, IG post, Gloco proves that great catches ain’t scarce in urban waterways. What you’re looking at is a Pangasius or Cream Dory fish caught from the Marikina waters.

Catch out his fishing video on how he caught this huge monster through the video link below.

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He even shares his passion with his long-time girlfriend!

Of course, sharing your passion is made extra special when you share it with your other half. With Gloco’s fervent passion for fishing, he even passed on this passion to his long-time girlfriend, Andrea Coronia, whom he fondly calls, Deng-Chon.

Aww! They even caught matching Koi fishes for their 2022 Valentine’s Day date! How sweet!

What happens to his catches?

Well catch and cook, I guess? But of course, only for the edible catches only!

Are we expecting a fishing trip overseas?

Currently, Gloco is on a 6-month overseas trip around Europe with Deng-Chon. Hopefully, they both get the best catches around European seas. If you’re wondering if we’re getting to see more fishing vlogs, then I guess only time will tell!

Want to get your hand on the serene but challenging life of fishing? Perhaps you can get some pro tips from Gloco!

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