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Five phone specifications that you don’t really need!

Five phone specifications that you don’t really need!

When you’re buying a smartphone, there are a lot of factors and specifications that you need to consider. You need to look for its processor, its battery performance, camera, and all the other stuff as well. There are also a lot of options in the market and each one has certain specifications that set them apart from the others.

Smartphone specifications have come a long way throughout the years. You might be overwhelmed with a lot of innovations that are coming. But as great as it is to have all of those advanced specs and features, not all of them will actually make a difference. Most of the time, they are all just hype.

To help you choose your next smartphone, we listed down the top five phone specifications that you don’t really need.

Camera Megapixel Count

Different smartphone companies love to brag about the high megapixel count of their phone camera. Some will boast that their camera has up to 108 megapixels. As a consumer, you might be dazzled by the high megapixel count. But honestly, more megapixels do not equal a better photo quality.

A higher number of megapixels in the camera only helps increase the resolution of your photo. In a phone camera, you only need about 12 megapixels and the resolution is already enough. What makes a good smartphone camera is the camera sensor. Those high megapixels count that you often see in smartphones, that’s just hype. That’s just a part of the company’s marketing.

16 – 18 GB of RAM Specifications

According to AVAST, RAM allows you to access multiple programs at once with speed and efficiency. The higher the RAM, the faster it is to access different applications. While this is true, that 16 – 18 GB of RAM that you’re seeing in the market, especially in flagship phones, is actually overkilling.

For the average phone tasks such as browsing, streaming, and light gaming, 6 GB of RAM is all you need. If you’re using the phone primarily for gaming, 8 GB of RAM is sufficient enough to run all the games smoothly. So there actually no need of buying a phone with RAM higher than 8 GB because you don’t really need it. Anything beyond that is simply unnecessary and is just a waste of your money.

Wireless Charging

Now this one, I don’t actually see the point of this. Most wireless charger works by just putting your phone on top of a disk or a pad and it will be charged already, without having to connect a cable to your phone. That is how companies market wireless charging. But what you don’t know is that it’s not actually wireless.

The “charger” or the charging pad is still plugged in via a wire and hence, not totally wireless. Your phone still needs to be placed in one fixed spot to charge.

Wireless charging is just a gimmick. Plus, the wireless chargers are significantly slower compared to the “wired” charger. So, you’re actually getting less. It’s just not worth it.

Dolby Atmos Surround Sound System

If we’re going to talk about hype phone specifications and features, the Dolby Atmos should always be part of the list.

The average number of speakers in most phones is just two. One at the top and one at the bottom part. So how will those two tiny speakers produce surround sound quality? It can’t.  

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The Dolby Atmos Sound is really a top-quality feature for speakers. The sound that it produces is very optimized and clear. But if you take a look at the speakers that have a legit Dolby Atmos, those are only found in large speakers. Physically and technically speaking, you need a large cone and a large space where the sound can really bounce around to be able to provide the quality and loud surround sound system.

The Dolby Atmos feature in a smartphone is also just a pure gimmick. Most of the time, the sound that it produces is not top-quality like the legit Dolby Atmos System.

8K Video Recording

Most of the phones that are releasing right now have 8k video recording features in their cameras. In the previous years, we saw how HD resolution innovated to 4k and now to 8k. While we’re thankful for this revolution, 8k video recording doesn’t really work for phone cameras. In simple words, it’s another gimmick and a mere marketing strategy.

When you compare the 4k resolution to the 8k resolution that most phones offer, there’s actually little to no difference at all. Plus, in order to fully maximized the 8k resolution in video recording and streaming, you need top-of-the-line processors that phones do not have. So in reality, you’re not getting 8k resolution because your phone’s processor cannot support it. Brands wanted you to believe that their camera has a good quality and that they upgraded it, but honestly, it is still 4k or even only 1080P.

When shopping for smartphones, you always have to be on the lookout for hype. You always have to remember the purpose and how you will use your phone. Don’t be fooled by the gimmicks and marketing strategies. What’s important in a phone is the design, good display, good battery life, and features that will really match your preferences and what you want to do with your phone.

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