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Smaller phones don’t get enough credit

Smaller phones don’t get enough credit

smaller phones should be appreciated just as much as larg phones. After all, there are people who prefer a compact smartphone.

In an era where large phones are what we consider to be normal, smaller phones might just be a better way to go. After all, bigger does not always mean better. Despite the obvious lack of screen real estate, compact smartphones have their appeal.

Indeed, large smartphones sell better compared to smaller and more compact smartphones. But, some people still prefer a smaller phone. I for one, find smaller phones to be easier to use, and personally do not mind the smaller screen. I think it is essential to have them still around. So, what else makes a compact smartphone good? And should you even consider getting one?

Smaller phones are easier to travel and live with

Compact smartphones are easier to travel with simply because they are easier to fit in your pockets. With smaller phones, you don’t have to dig for them in your bag while you are on your commute because you can just put them in your pocket comfortably. Having the ability to do everything a large smartphone does but in a smaller package can be an advantage. You can type and reach everything on the screen with just one hand which can be convenient.

With smaller phones, you also get less weight and bulkiness which is perfect if you hold your smartphone for long periods every day. Imagine having a large-sized smartphone and sticking a bulky case on it for protection. It will be impossible to use it without being frustrated with the massive size and heavy weight.

Smartphones should be easy and comfortable to hold because they spend most of their time in our hands. And, smaller phones just happen to fit that description.

Smaller phones are cheaper

In most scenarios, the more compact smartphones are cheaper. We can see a clear example of this when we look at Apple’s lineup of smartphones. The SE and the mini are way cheaper than the pro models in their lineup. And for android, we have compact smartphones like the Zenfone 8 from Asus, or the Pixel 4a and Pixel 5 from Google. These smaller smartphones are still able to provide a good smartphone experience and can still deliver in terms of performance despite being small. Also, they are cheaper compared to the bigger models that their manufacturer offers.

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Who are these smartphones for?

Like anything on the market, a compact smartphone has its target consumer. For starters, smaller phones are better suited for people who are not power users. This means they can live without the massive battery capacity or the large screen where they spend hours of video streaming or playing games. Smaller phones are perfect for minimalists. Smaller phones are also good for people with small hands. I think we can all see the logic behind this. It is easier to hold a smaller phone especially if you have small hands. Lastly, smaller phones are good for people who just want a new experience. People who want to feel the comfort of carrying a light and compact smartphone that is still powerful and good enough to carry out their needs.

But, this does not mean that smaller phones are better than bigger phones. Some people still prefer a larger smartphone and that’s okay. If it suits their lifestyle and provides them with more convenience compared to a smaller phone, then there is no problem with that. Like compact smartphones, some people prefer a large smartphone. Both types of smartphones should receive an equal amount of importance and appreciation!

At the end of the day, it all comes down to preference. Which do you prefer? a large smartphone or a compact one? I am privileged enough to afford to be able to use both. And, I will say that they both come with their pros and cons. I like the compact phone for ease of use especially when I’m out and about. But, when I’m at home and I want to spend my hours playing games or streaming movies, then the bigger phone is the way to go. What about you? which one do you think is better?

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