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Filipino Local Artists that are worth adding to your playlists

Filipino Local Artists that are worth adding to your playlists

Filipino music or OPM, is definitely rising not only locally, but on international platforms as well. This shows that we, Filipinos, are also exceptional and can take our music genre to another level.

As mentioned by many, music is a universal language. Through rhythmic notes and melody that we can easily jam to, music can easily interpret words and feelings that we want to express for someone or for yourself, too. 

And now we are in a world full of technologies and gadgets, different music genres according to your taste can be accessed through our mobile phones. While driving, studying in a café, working, or even just because you feel like listening to songs, with just a click on your phone, you can easily find music that will suit and uplift your mood.

Here’s my top 5 local artists that I consider as “hidden gems” in OPM.

1. Sugarcane

Sugarcane is a 6-member band who produces heartfelt and genuine music that we can relate to. With their soothing guitar and relaxing tunes from flute, this band will definitely capture and serenade your heart through their music. Their most recent song, Leonora is inspired from the love story of our national hero, Jose Rizal and his first love, Leonor Rivera. This heart warming song is definitely a must have in your playlist!

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2. Cliff

If you are feeling a little romantic, then this artist is for you! Listening to Cliff’s song definitely made my heart flutter. He also uses three different languages (Tagalog, English, and Bisaya) in his song, Kursunada. Who would’ve thought you can use these languages in just one song? 

3. Sleep Alley

Sleep Alley is an alternative rock band who’s been producing music since 2016. With catchy tunes and relatable lyrics, their music can express the words that you are longing to say! One of their songs, Lihim is about unsaid and untold feelings toward someone. If you can relate to this song, then this is your sign to add Sleep Alley to your playlist!

4. Rob Deniel

If you’ve seen sweet couple videos on Tiktok with romantic music, then Rob Deniel’s songs might be one of them! He’s been producing heart fluttering music which will make you feel butterflies on your stomach. Rob is known for some of his songs, Ulap and Ang Pag-Ibig which became famous on Tiktok. 

5. Jarlo Bâse

Jarlos produces chill, soft, and soulful R&B music which can make you feel like you’re in the clouds. His song “Tabi Gabi Gabi” describes admiration towards his partner through flowery and romantic words. His songs will definitely make your heart skip a beat!

It is not too late for you to also explore other filipino local artists and add them on your go-to music library!

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