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Why Reading Wattpad became my favorite thing to do?

Why Reading Wattpad became my favorite thing to do?

Reading Wattpad is my favorite thing to do. This application makes us better if we read wattpad. Different genres of stories are available in wattpad, even SPG, Romance, Horror, Sci-Fi and many more. There are a lot of excellent features on Wattpad. You can read the novels as they are being written, for instance. You upload chapters at a time on Wattpad. I enjoy seeing how authors can develop a plot as they go, how they deal with flaws, and how they close those flaws. A social reading platform called Wattpad helps readers and writers connect online.

Wattpad is a website where kids and adults may openly post their fiction writing in a blog-like style, as well as read and comment on work from other users. It invites users to create and share their own stories in all genres, including teen fiction, poetry, action, adventure, and more. The mind and imagination are completely engaged when reading, especially fiction. There is evidence that any activity with contemplative elements, in which the brain is completely concentrated on a single goal, reduces stress and promotes relaxation

Here are some Wattpad stories that I would recommend:

Here are some books recommendation that you can on Wattpad. It is a different genre, so I hope you enjoy reading it!

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1. University Series by 4reuminct

University Series is focusing on the story of the main characters like sevi, yanna, samantha, luna, kierra, via and arkin lives from their university days and future. This story makes me cry and kilig at the same time. The University Series has a different form of story line but it is connected from the other series.

The story tells the different scenarios of reasons for breaking up and being happy. This may fall in love with the leading man of different stories because of their green and red flags. The last university story makes you stronger everyday because Kierra is a representation of a strong independent woman.

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2. Hell University by KnightInBlack

Hell university is a young adult fiction story, It is a different genre of story which may shock you. This story is highly recommended since this is the one of the stories that I read. This story will make you scared, cry and put a butterfly on your stomach. The leading man is the president of the school which falls in love with the leading woman. The leading man is a walking green flag because he can do anything for his girl. This story is worth it! 10/10

There’s more:

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3. Tantei High by purpleyhan

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Tantei High is not your ordinary detective story. The story line will blow your mind for different plot twists.  This story is worth it to read especially to those people who love fantasy fiction. Every people in this story has trying to investigate about the school and how to show their seventh sense. you should read it!

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4. He’s Into Her by Maxinejiji

This work of fiction could include arguments, readings, and situations that have the potential to be upsetting about subjects including sexuality, self-harm, physical violence, emotionally upsetting content, death, and suicide. Please take care of yourself when reading this work. The author’s imagination created the names, personalities, businesses, events, and happenings. It is totally coincidental if there is any resemblance to real people, living or dead, or real events.

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