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5 OPM Hits For Your Future Nostalgia Playlist

5 OPM Hits For Your Future Nostalgia Playlist

OPM has long been a Filipino favorite, despite the overwhelming influence of mainstream western and Asian pop music. Original Pilipino Music has a lot of amazing artists that inarguably became a huge part of the mainstream music scene.

Like most musicians, they adapt to the ever-changing musical trends and evolution of genres but in doing so still, strive to preserve that Filipino music vibe in every song. Even if we are not huge fans of OPM since we do have different music tastes, we are all familiar with the classic musicians and bands. These, of course, Eraserheads, Kitchie Nadal, MYMP, and the list goes on.

Their songs are always in the playlists of our titos and titas and are always in the queue at karaoke. These songs are established OPM classics that we can never get enough of. Now, OPM has progressed a lot and has welcomed a new generation of artists whose music will go down in history as classics as well. These are songs we’d jam to even when we’re old and gray.

These songs will be passed down through generations and will become references and inspirations of future OPM. They will remind me of the good old days when life was youthful and bright. When despite everything that happened, there was music that calmed our souls and gave us peace.

5 OPM songs that will definitely be on your future nostalgia playlist

Pagsamo | Arthur Nery

Savour Arthur Nery’s mellow voice along with calming and enchanting tunes and feel for its bittersweet lyrics. This song will make you feel some type of way because it is sadness masked in a lovely serenade. Fall for his blues and break for it right after but it is guaranteed that you’d enjoy this beautiful song even when you are in a healthy relationship. It is a great song to remind you of the pinnacle of today’s OPM.

Buwan | Juan Karlos

The ultimate love song has become a favorite that will never grow old. Buwan by Juan Karlos is one of the most iconic OPM love songs to date and will certainly make the list. This sweet serenade will never not capture a woman’s longing heart and will never fail to describe a man’s gaze. It has simple yet deep lyrics, depicting the adoration of a man. Juan Karlos’ unique and mesmerizing voice will always be alive in the music scene. This song being his masterpiece just proves that Buwan will go down in history as an OPM classic.

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Mundo | IV of Spades

Who could have forgotten the song that dominated the entire OPM industry at once? IV of Spades’ Mundo is a widely known and liked love song for its amazing vocals and charming lyrics. IV of Spades become everyone’s favorite almost instantly and honestly, no one can doubt that. Their music is one of a kind and is definitely soothing to the ears. They have a lot of great songs but Mundo, in particular, is the most iconic of all its chorus is in everyone’s minds – as it should be. This song will definitely bring you back into a trip down memory lane when you listen to it when you’re already old and wrinkly.

Paraluman | Adie

Here’s to another “music kilig” with Adie’s Paraluman. This Adie masterpiece is definitely a sensational track that is definitely on every OPM enjoyer’s ultimate kilig playlist. Surely, love songs will always dominate OPM so this classic won’t be buried in time. Adie’s charming voice with the ever-romantic instrumentals meets the standard of Filipino love songs. It is a great song to keep going back to as it is a timeless melody that even future generations will appreciate.

Pagtingin | Ben&Ben

Of course, we cannot leave this list with Ben&Ben because this dynamic duo is one of the best and most well-known musicians today. The mainstream population largely enjoys their music and they keep on proving that their recognition is well-deserved. Their song, Pagtingin, is one of those songs that you would think about when you hear them. Although it is a mainstream track, it is a song that you just can’t get enough of. It’s one of those songs that even non-OPM enjoyers would sing along to.

And, there you have it! Even after centuries passed, there will always be songs that we would play at humble gatherings, or just when we want some cozy me time. These songs shall keep you at peace, now, and in the future. Nostalgia brings back a lot of memories and feelings, often it is heartwarming just like these songs that deserve to be on your future nostalgia playlist.

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