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DENIM JEANS: 5 Outfits You Can Wear For A Night Out

DENIM JEANS: 5 Outfits You Can Wear For A Night Out

I avoid wearing denim jeans as much as I can as it doesn’t feel as comfortable as trousers. But, I recently found a pair that was worth all the trouble. Although I haven’t bought it yet, I really want one. The Levi’s 501 Standard Fit is the gold standard for classic denim jeans.

Made from solid and serviceable denim, the silhouette looks timeless and definitely looks great on anyone (no matter the age or body type). Fashion trends come and go and the Levi’s 501 stays the same. And, that’s why I want one. Whether I want to go for a slim silhouette or a bulky one, I would still look cute.

DENIM JEANS: 5 Outfits You Can Wear For A Night Out

The IT Girl

An IT girl describes a young woman that everyone seems to admire and idolize. She’s the girl that everyone wants to be and has everything that she could ever want so people tend to envy her. But, truthfully, anyone can be an IT girl, especially during night outs. Grab a rhinestone top to pair with your denim jeans and accessorize accordingly. Then, you’ll definitely be one! 

Miss Baddie

A baddie has a laid-back attitude and is considered cool enough to be a trendsetter. The thing about baddies is that it’s all about attitude. She has confidence that carries herself with outfits that make her feel that way. So, if you’re going for a baddie look, grab a corset top, your trusted pair of denim jeans, and a pair of heeled platform boots. Then, you’re good to go! 

The Girlbosss

A girl boss doesn’t just do girl boss things at the office. They do it during night outs, too. So, if you’re celebrating the arrival of the weekend on a Friday, wearing a sleeveless white ribbed cropped top, a pair of denim jeans, and an underbust corset would probably be the best. Then, add a few accessories and wear a unique pair of shoes like black-and-white cowboy boots would do the job. 

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Alt Beauty

Alt is an umbrella term that describes anything that sits outside of the mainstream. This makes them unique and they grab pieces of clothing that look unconventional. just like this sleeveless biker jacket. But, they make it work. And, I’m sure you will, too. Leave it open and wear a black ribbed cropped top underneath to show off the chained layered necklaces that rest on your bust. Then, grab your trusted pair of denim jeans and favorite platform combat boots to make it all look cohesive. 

The Sweetheart

A sweetheart looks cutesy and usually goes for a feminine look with a girly girl attitude. Of course, to completely encapsulate this look, make sure you have a pink corset top and a pair of pink platform heels. Although you look like a sweetheart, your trusted denim jeans still make you look badass enough during the night out.

Did this help you out with choosing an outfit for the night outs with a pair of your trusted denim jeans? Let us know in the comments section below!

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