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INSTAGRAM RAID: Reasons why Benulus is my favorite maximalist icon

INSTAGRAM RAID: Reasons why Benulus is my favorite maximalist icon

Berenice or better known by her social media handle Benulus has been making waves all over TikTok and Instagram. Her videos revolve around innovative fashion ideas, incorporating accessories and making use of them in different ways. She truly shows her viewers what makes fashion so fun and creative. 

Personally, I’ve been following Benulus on Instagram since early 2022 and I’ve loved every second of it. She has given me the inspiration to dress myself up and add confidence to an outfit. She is an icon, she is the moment, and she eats it all up and never left any crumb.

INSTAGRAM RAID: My favorite Benulus outfits ever

In an earlier article, we learned that maximalist fashion would grow and grow as it has hijacked the boardrooms of designers and fashionistas alike. It raged on in 2022 and it has continued to do so. And, Benulus became one of the people that showed off her individuality through maximalism.

“It’s never too much with me.”

Benulus on accessorizing outfits


A monochrome outfit involves a full dress combination that utilizes only variations of a single color, usually differing only in lightness and darkness. Benulus has done this quite a lot as it looks effortless but is probably the quickest way to elevate one’s style. Aside from that, she can make it look expensive with the right accessories. 


Aside from being a maximalist, Benulus also comes up with creative ideas. For example, she has been eyeing a certain top from a brand. However, she stops herself from buying. Instead, she takes two scarves and creates said top from them. Benulus can also take a halter top and wear it as a skirt while using a necklace to decorate her top.


As a fashion enthusiast, Benulus also does her duty to lessen or avoid any kind of contribution to the waste that the fashion industry builds up due to manufacturing and so much more. I could go deep into depth about sustainable fashion but that’s a discussion for another time.

It’s so easy to support sustainability, though. But, one of the things that fashion enthusiasts can do is go thrifting. And, let me tell you, Benulus goes thrift shopping a lot. She elevates these finds and tweaks them into something that she would actually wear more than thirty times.


The easiest way to have an unforgettable outfit revolves around taking your basics and elevating them with other pieces and accessorizing them. Benulus can wear a shirt and a pair of jeans. But, she will refine that otherwise basic outfit with layers, accessories, and leveling up the silhouette. By thinking outside of the box, you can have a fun outfit that will leave anyone in awe.

Benulus has become a style inspiration for me. She has these unique ideas that I will definitely carry every time I look at my closet and think of what I could possibly wear.

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