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Protect Your Eyes with MetroSunnies’ deals on Shopee’s 7.7 Mid-Year Sale

Protect Your Eyes with MetroSunnies’ deals on Shopee’s 7.7 Mid-Year Sale

The eyes are the window to your soul“. Shakespeare wasn’t wrong about it. That is the reason your eyes are a particularly significant piece of nailing the first impression of being confident when you walk into a room. Furthermore, the eyes light up your face and an incredible set of specs can assist with stressing your eyes— and Metro Sunnies has all you need! With Shopee’s 7.7 Mid-Year Sale, they got exclusive deals up to 80% off!

MetroSunnies was established in 2013 in Manila, the Philippines. The brand introduced itself in the online market by retailing fashionable eyewear. In addition, the brand was well received by students and the working class.

Metro Sunnies Judge Specs Con-Strain Anti Radiation Eye Glasses Photochromic For Men and Women

Photo Credits: Shopee

Did you know that wearing Con-Strain may help increase melatonin production during the evening, leading to major improvements in sleep and mood?

The Con-Strain™ lens protects your eyes from the blue light emitted from digital screens. Without a doubt, long hours of screen exposure can be harmful to your eyes as it may cause digital eye strain and disrupt your sleep quality.

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Moreover, blue light is a high-frequency light wave between 380 – 485 nm. It is emitted from the digital screens of your smartphones and computers.

Upgrade to Con-Strain™ PRO

Photo Credits: Shopee

The Con-Strain™ PRO photochromic lens automatically adapts to your environment. It will darken when exposed to the sun giving you UV400 protection and will turn back to its clear or primrose color when you go back inside. All this while giving you blue light protection from digital screens.

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Frame Size: 53-17-142

PRO TIP: Wearing Con-Strain™ glasses may help you sleep better.

What’s in the package?

– 1x MetroSunnies™ Eyewear

See Also

– 1x Designer Pouch

– 1x Microfiber Lens Cleaner

Note: Some Con-Strain™ lenses have a clear, bluish, yellowish, or greenish tint when reflected in the light.

Shopee’s 7.7 Mid-Year Sale!

Finally, with Shopee’s 7.7 Mid-Year Sale right around the corner, get exclusive deals up to 80% off! So what are you waiting for? Your eyes surely need protection while look stylish. Grab a pair of Con-Strain™, the glasses for your daily use!

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