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Congoer Essentials: Important Things to Bring to a Convention

Congoer Essentials: Important Things to Bring to a Convention

Going to conventions is one way to take a day off free from your usual daily routine. It’s a breather filled with opportunities to enjoy your hobbies and mingle with people who have the same interest. Being a very exciting day, it’s really tempting to just get up, get dressed, and immediately be on the way to the convention. But you wouldn’t want to do that!

If you’re going to be at the event for the entire day, there are many things you absolutely need to secure in your bag. Make sure you are prepared. Of course, your convention pass is a no-brainer!

Here are 5 important things to bring to a convention

1 | Power bank

You might be confident in your phone’s battery capacity, but better be safe than sorry! Going to a convention means indulging in a fun experience that doesn’t always happen. Which means—you take photos, videos, post on social media, and update your friends. Doing all that will certainly drain your phone. Just imagine how frustrating it would be for it to die in the middle of the day. You might even need to book a cab on a rush hour to get home and your phone’s screen is just plain black. Yeah, wouldn’t want that either!

2 | Hand sanitizer

Conventions are one of the most crowded events you could ever go to. Filled with stalls, you will constantly touch items that have come in contact with other people’s hands. You never know where those hands have been! You will also go to crowded bathrooms and come back to yet another crowd. Make sure to bring a hand sanitizer to stay uninfected from germs.

3 | Identification cards

Well, you don’t know when an emergency might arise, and having your IDs with you will come in handy. Convention staff might also require one for verification purposes. Theoretically, what if you go missing and all that’s left is your wallet? Just kidding. But whichever reason it may be, bringing your identification cards with you will assure your safe spot.

4 | Drinks and snacks

Convention venues are usually huge, which means that there’s a whole lot of space you’re going to walk on. This can get really tiring. Moreover, food stalls are usually packed with hungry congoers. It is advisable that you bring your own drinks and snacks to make sure your stomach doesn’t go growling. It is okay to buy from food stalls sometimes especially if you want to try their food, but it isn’t always reliable!

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5 | Pocket wi-fi or mobile data

You cannot forget this when going to a convention! Having an internet connection is basically having a connection to the world. There might be some urgent things you need to attend to while at the convention. Your portable wi-fi is going to save you. Plus, it’ll be easier to find your friend if you ever get separated. If you don’t have it, you can go the extra mile to buy load or have it announced, but that’s too much trouble. Preparing your pocket wi-fi or mobile data beforehand will spare you from the hassle.

These are the most necessary things important to bring to a convention. However, it’s not all! This list is only for average congoers who attend only to hoard items and watch event segments. It’s a totally different case if you’re a cosplayer or a booth staff! In those cases, you might need to bring some unusual things like sewing kits or calculators. It all depends on what type of congoer you are!

Did I miss anything on this list? Comment below!

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