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Cosplay Con: Must Try for Anime Fans

Cosplay Con: Must Try for Anime Fans

Anime has long been popular among people of all ages, but it became even more popular over the course of the pandemic due to people wanting to try something new to relieve their boredom. What most people probably don’t realize is that liking anime is not limited to watching! It can come with different hobbies such as collecting, reading manga, making artwork, and cosplaying. If you want to know more about these, there is nothing more perfect than to attend a cosplay convention.

Cosplay conventions gather anime fans to enjoy their hobby all in one place. Even though it seems to be mostly about cosplay, it is basically the same as an anime convention. You get to experience the best of Anime, Cosplay, Games, Collectibles, Virtual Idols, and J-Music. You can also meet Star Cosplayers, Voice Actors, Stage Actors, Industry Icons, and Virtual Youtubers! Other than these, why else are cosplay conventions worth attending as an anime fan?

3 Reasons why you should try attending a Cosplay convention as an Anime fan

You can socialize with other people with the same interests

Socializing might sound like a heavy word to introverts and might even scare first-timers, but you don’t need to be a social butterfly to mingle! Socializing can be a quick interaction with a stranger buying at the same stall as you do; it can be a small talk with the person sitting next to you while watching a live performance, and it can definitely be as simple as shaking hands with a guest cosplayer. You won’t feel left out in a place full of people who enjoy the same thing as you do. As long as you get yourself out there, you’ll find yourself having fun!

It is the perfect event to discover items and merchandise made by other fans

Creativity flows in the bloodstream of many anime fans. Cosplay conventions are full of stalls that sell crafted merchandise including stickers, button pins, posters, hand-drawn and digitally drawn artworks, glass paintings, and more. The best part is that they aren’t just official art made into merchandise, they are individually unique as reflected by the hands of the crafter!

Many shops also sell on-hand items that you cannot buy somewhere else so easily. You can find figurines, plushies, pillows, official limited-edition merchandise, and other exclusive items that can otherwise only be pre-ordered overseas. You can’t miss the chance to grab your favorite items!

Cosplayers are everywhere

Who said costume play is only for Halloween? Cosplayers do it a lot of the time! They exert an effort to bring their favorite fictional characters to life– it is a way to express connection to a character they deeply relate to. Go to a cosplay convention and I guarantee that you’ll see characters you love, may it be from anime or games. Asking for pictures is highly welcome too, so no reason to be shy! You might even be inspired to cosplay yourself.

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Now, if you’re thinking of which cosplay convention to go to next time, I got you! Cosplay Matsuri will be held on December 28-30 at SMX Convention Center, Pasay City. Tickets are available online at www.smtickets.com from November 15 to December 26 and then exclusively at SM Mall of Asia Arena on December 28-30. One person can only avail of up to two tickets.

Check out Cosplay Mania’s Facebook page for more details.

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