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Comfort movies you can watch during the rainy season

Comfort movies you can watch during the rainy season

comfort movies during rainy season

Rainy days have arrived! This means we can relax during our free time and watch our favorite movies! We can now sip onto our favorite hot beverages, snuggle our beloved (sana all!) or hug a pillow and bury ourselves in our comfy blankets as we wear our jackets.

However, it won’t hurt to try and watch new movies you may find comfort in. As we do our comfortable things, we can at least enjoy a good movie, right? We deserve it after days of working hard. Here are some feel-good movie recommendations tyou may like!

1. When Marnie Was There

You can never go wrong with Ghibli movies! The bittersweet feeling given by this movie would give you such a good cry that even your tears will thank you. If you feel like you need to cry, this movie would be perfect with that satisfying resolution in the end.

Anna Sasaki and Marnie
GeekDad | When Marnie Was There

2. White Chicks

After that good cry, you deserve a good laugh too. However, some scenes would not be suitable for young audiences. They may find it weird because of some adult jokes. Moreover, this has been a feel-good movie for some people because of its humor and unique story.

white chicks
mxdwn Movies | White Chicks

3. Peter Pan

The live-action movie of Peter Pan would more likely be everyone’s childhood movie. Going back to those childhood films that you love is always be a must-do for everyone because of its nostalgia! Furthermore, the innocent love story of Peter Pan and Wendy would also make you swoon as you watch this masterpiece.

peter pan and wendy
USA Today | Peter Pan

4. Nine Lives

This movie offers that adorable storyline because of its furtagonist who is perfect if you want a relaxed story. In addition, laying on a soft bed, sipping on hot choco, and snacking into your favorite junk food while you watch this will leave you feeling good after a week of work!

nine lives
The Guardian | Nine Lives

5. The Greatest Showman

This is another feel-good movie that will definitely cleanse your bothered mind. Who doesn’t love a great musical drama? It’s not just the drama that will destress you, you can also be inspired by the message the movie conveys. Moreover, nothing feels good than a movie with good original music to ease your stressed mind!

the greatest showman cast
Yakima Herald | The Greatest Showman

6. Bring It On: All Or Nothing

If you like those movies that bring back the high school vibe or the nostalgia that cheerleading brings, this movie would be a must-watch during your rainy days. Starring those famous pep girls, the cheerleading scenes would bring you that kind of excitement that make you miss those face-to-face moments, especially, the puppy loves during high school and those friendly hangouts you and your classmates used to do.

bring it on: all or nothing
POPSUGAR | Bring It On: All Or Nothing

7. Dolphin Tale

This movie features Winter, the dolphin having troubles with its tail. A rescue team came to cure Winter and found good friends in the shelter. Some kids will definitely enjoy this film during rainy days!

dolphin tales
Roger Ebert | Dolphin Tale

8. Parent Trap

The concept of family in this movie is perfect if you want to giggle for a bit. As mischievous as the title may sound, the ending offers a resolution to the sudden turn of ridiculous events. I consider this as a feel-good movie because of its comedic touch and satisfying ending!

parent trap
E! Online | Parent Trap

9. Princess Diaries

The royalties weren’t that formal all the time, right? Especially in this movie, where people get the shock of their life as they have been randomly chosen to be the princess of Genovia. However, Princess Mia shows that she really does deserve the crown, not because of her bloodline, but of her kind and natural personality. This movie will definitely bring a smile to your face, especially during rainy seasons!

queen and princess
Mental Floss | Princess Diaries

10. Matilda

Last but not the least, this magically-induced movie will make you want to have telekinetic powers too! The adorable yet saddening story of Matilda has that perfect balance for a feel-good movie. This movie shows how she used her ability to help her friends, as well as to get out from the abuse of her ‘family’ and the school principal.

matilda and miss honey
Tyla | Matilda

Rainy seasons could be a perfect time for you to treat yourself after a stressful moment. Sure, the summer season can be a treat, but there’s a different comfort during the rainy days that people actually love.

Now that we’re on the comfort season, partner it up with these feel-good movies that you may or may not know, and make yourself cozy under those soft blankets. Don’t forget to have that cup of warm coffee or chocolate while you watch!

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