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Here’s why Janina Vela stopped saying ‘Sana All’

Here’s why Janina Vela stopped saying ‘Sana All’

Sana All! When Filipinos see someone who has something they want, they say ‘Sana All.’ It became one of the most used expressions to date. Vlogger Janina Vela shares her reason why she stopped or at least she’s trying to stop saying ‘Sana All.’

Here’s why Janina Vela stopped saying Sana All

In her video, she clarified that she stopped saying Sana All because of the phrase itself but it’s the unconscious mindset we might have behind it. She also said that she is not assuming that everybody who said the phrase had ingenuine intention.

Janina thinks that this might be because of “The Comparison Trap.” The moment someone said the expression instead of appreciating what they have, sometimes people got discouraged on what they do not have. She cited the example of when a single person saw an Instagram post of a sweet couple. A single person will immediately comment Sana All, they will compare themselves to the couple.

“We need to learn to lift others up without looking down on ourselves.”

Janina shares five things to say that’s not Sana All

Janina did not leave us hanging. She shared five expressions we can use instead of Sana All. First on the list was “Congratulations,” followed by “I’m so happy for you,” “You deserve this,” “Good Job,” lastly, “I’m so proud of you.”

For her, being happy for someone’s achievement is not necessarily mean that she feels sad for herself. Also, just because they deserve it, it does not mean that you don’t. Moreover, she reminds us that you can be proud of them but still feel proud of yourself.

Dealing with comparisons

Truly we are not aware that we always compare ourselves to others. In the video, she said that we should learn to appreciate others’ successes without doubting our own. Furthermore. Janina expressed that highlighting others for what they do have does not spotlight what we do not have. Lastly.

“Celebrate other people’s seasons and believe our time is coming too.”

She has a point. People sometimes forget to celebrate the achievements of others. They tend to say Sana All, without even appreciating how the person was able to achieve something. They do not care about the process but the results.

Because we constantly compare ourselves to others, we forget that we have accomplished something. When we compare it to others, we become discouraged. Remember to celebrate your friends’ success and celebrate your own success. No matter how small or big it is, it’s still an achievement anyway.

Watch Janina Vela’s “Why I stopped saying SANA ALL”

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