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Chris Nick S/S 2023: An Understated Grandeur and Sensuality

Chris Nick S/S 2023: An Understated Grandeur and Sensuality

Among the list of fashion houses in the country that put chic minimalism and sensuality in the forefront of their tenets, Chris Nick perches atop! No wonder he belongs to the roster of emerging-young Fashion Designers in the country. He never misses a beat in the Philippine fashion scene. From adorning our favorite stars, and delivering understated cool glamour for the Filipino clientele through his outings. Now thanks to LA Fashion Week, Chris Nick takes the global zenith.

All the way from the City of Makati, The eponymous label: Chris Nick alighted at the City of Angels. The house participated in the return of LA Fashion Week – from October 6-9, 2022. Nick is one of the non-LA-based Fashion designers who were luckily given the limelight for this week-long fashion affair. Alongside Francis Libiran, Alexis Monsanto, and Avel Bacudio who also presented their collections. Finally! a global platform for our very own Filipino fashion artisans, and we hope to see more of them.

Let’s take a look at Chris Nick’s latest Spring Summer 2023 collection through the lenses of Dion Trinidad and Leah Rivera

Chris Nick on committing to Elegance and Sensuality

Chris Nick yet again commits to elegance and sensuality. Indeed, these two have always been synonymous with the house. An abundance of all-Black ensembles dominated the runway. The same case with the past collections – that Nick showcased.

Undoubtedly, there’s something about the all-black minimalism that speaks to the artisan. Surely, we all get it too! They may be minimal in details and design but loud in sophistication and elegance.

“The collection revolves around nineties minimalism and grunge. It also takes notes from my favorite article of clothing – the tuxedo. “

Indeed, Nick played with the iconic 90’s minimalism and grunge and kept it fresh and modern for the new generation. There were a couple of little black dresses that surely, the contemporary Audrey Hepburn clientele would secure in their wardrobe. There was also feather-trimmed detailing on the hemline, around the bodice, and on the cuff, for a signature subtle drama.

The cuts and silhouettes for this collection also resonate with Chris Nick as an artisan who values clean, sleek, tailored, and sensual clothing. All are refined and well-executed. High-neck sheer number also descended on the runway. One in sheer satin with a sequined mini dress, and one in sheer high-neck long sleeves paired with a feathered skirt.

Nick also showcases bows and ribbon detailing, buoying up the all-black ensembles. Moreover, the Filipino fashion house goes playful and sensual with its buckled and low-rise black trouser paired with a satin-bandeau tube top. From buckled trousers to buckled mini-skirts and long skirts, the looks were completed with some cropped tank tops with ribbon detailing.

Impeccably tailored tuxedo pieces emerged on the runway too. These pieces play a cardinal part in the collection as Chris Nick’s well-loved article of clothing.

Lastly, two ensembles of the collection stole the show. You can never go wrong with an all-glitzy number. It’s fully regal and sophisticated in a coat midi dress. A halter bodycon dress also sums up the iconic Chris Nick collection—relatively pared-down but loudly elegant. These will surely secure your spot on the best-dressed list.

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Chris Nick on the design process, his inspiration, and his vision

Every designer throughout their design process—envisions the clientele they speak to. For Nick, this collection was made for the new generation. Those who value tradition and at the same time aren’t afraid of change. The artisan presents his take on nineties minimalism and grunge and adds a contemporary spin with his flair. This is how he sees his clientele for this collection, those who esteem standards and customs but aren’t afraid to be quite revolutionary.

Furthermore, although the designer scarcely had time to design and curate this collection, this did not halt Nick and his team to present a stellar spectacle.

I was given a short period of time to create this collection so it was quite the challenge. I used my favorite wools and satins for this collection – fabrics that I truly believe in and have tested and proven its quality. 

Chris Nick wanted this collection to be synonymous with him as an artisan. He wanted it to represent him—clean, tailored, and sensual. And with no doubt, he did let it shine. Nick attests that going for a relatively toned-down look is never boring. It just needs the right amount of grandeur and sophistication—the Chris Nick way!

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