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Big Clothes for Plus-sized Boys: Shops to Visit for Large Men

Big Clothes for Plus-sized Boys: Shops to Visit for Large Men

For plus-sized men, shopping in malls for clothes usually ends up as a disappointment. Bigger men had a long history of having to endure pants that are tight around the thighs, finding clothes that are not just limited to ‘’XL’, or waistline that is beyond 40. Well, those days are finally over! XL+ clothes can now be acquired with a click of a finger in these large-friendly stores!

Got StylePH

Got StylePH provides great quality shorts for a very low cost! The store has Twill fabric made in Japan and Korea offers comfort and durability. The 14” to 16” shorts have elastic waistbands that exceed 36’’ inches, perfect for men that are wide from the hips. Also, if you HATE loose stitchings with a passion, you’ll love their compact and tight stitch work. 


On the other hand, JSMIX has an array of vibrant and stylish clothes dedicated purely to our bigger men. From t-shirts with iconic prints, high-quality button-ups, long-sleeves, cargo pants, you name it and they probably have it! As a designer brand for plus-sized men, JSMIX did not compromise fashion for function. Their streetwear and casual wear are sure to turn heads, while still remaining snug and tough.

Nui Wears

Indeed, Nui Wears’ biggest selling point is their advocacy, which is “to empower men that self-worth is not merely based on one’s size”. And their clothing actually delivers! Nui Wears provides sizes ranging from XL up to 14XL for their t-shirts and polo shirts. The wearer’s purchase is to set to comfortable fabric that is layered for extra toughness. Nui Wears promotes clothing through empowerment, ensuring that whatever it is your purchase, you purchase with dignity and pride.

Clothes are made to fit their wearer, not the other way around. Big or small gone are the days when we should be ashamed of our size. No matter who and what we are, we deserve clothes that we can wear anytime and any day –And not feel shit about it!

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