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Gracenote collaborates with Monty Macalino in song ‘Kalituhan’

Gracenote collaborates with Monty Macalino in song ‘Kalituhan’

‘Kalituhan’ [is] like a maze, full of peculiarities – this is what Gracenote’s latest single featuring Monty Macalino of Mayonnaise is all about. The Filipino electro-pop rock band composed of Eunice Jorge, Jazz Jorge, EJ Pichay, and Tatsi Jamnague on October 28 collaborated with Mayonnaise’s frontman in a song that narrates how love relationships are in many circumstances.

The Gracenote’s vocalist and songwriter, Eunice Jorge, recalled that its entirety had drawn inspiration from a maze concept. “It was a rainy night, and I was lying down with a guitar on my bed, and the music and words just came out simultaneously. The idea started from the concept of a maze. I was just playing with metaphors and contrasts. And the song was made,” the band’s frontwoman revealed.

Photo Source: Universal Records Philippines

Eunice also added that they finished the demo of ‘Kalituhan’ through GarageBand in June 2019. Three years later, the band, together with Monty Macalino, recorded the song at Yellow Room Studio. Initially, its tempo was slightly faster than the final version. But it was only during their pre-production process that Gracenote changed it to catch the right vibe.

Released under the music label Universal Records Philippines, the ‘Kalituhan’ single was able to touch and relate to everyone confused and having doubts. It breaks a story of a person being hopeful that they could end up with their lover for good. What Eunice put into words: “Like in a maze, maraming p’wedeng daanan, p’wedeng mag-iba ng landas, pero kahit magkalituhan, sana magkita pa rin sa dulo.”

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‘Kalituhan’ by Gracenote featuring Monty Macalino is now on digital music platforms. Follow the Universal Records PH and our OPM artists for more!

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