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Rucap: Paolo Ballesteros’ Pakak Outfits in Drag Race Philippines

Rucap: Paolo Ballesteros’ Pakak Outfits in Drag Race Philippines

Now that Drag Race Philippines episode 7 has just concluded and only six queens remain, the competition is already heating up! So, let’s chill up and take a look back at the extravagant outfits worn by Paolo Ballesteros throughout the show.

Paolo, the main host, is well-known for his impressive makeup transformations that have captured the attention of many people. He is also a beauty pageant mentor, and a gown and costume designer. His drag experience, creativity, and hosting skills are a perfect blend for his journey in Drag Race Philippines.

And he did not disappoint! Here are the pakak outfits Paolo has worn from the first to the most recent episode of the show.

Drag Race PH Promo Trailer

Paolo caught the eye of the fans as early as the promo trailer as he wore a custom Job Dacon gown.

Photo | Drag Race PH

The dress is inspired by various Filipino landmarks and symbols that were mixed into a trippy, acid-induced sunset view in a classic silhouette. 

This masterpiece is a collaborative effort of the designer, the stylist, and Paolo.

Episode 1

This combination of blue, red, and silver creation was made by Paolo himself and styled by Yannie Tui. 

The look was completed with a headdress made by Louie Gallego, Earrings from Salem Crafts, and Bracelets from Christopher Munar.

Photo | Drag Race PH

Episode 2

Paolo slayed episode 2 with his Monarch Butterfly outfit made by Ehrran Montoya

This serpentine long orange gown is fully beaded with butterfly drag couture and also embellished with intricate black linear details as well as white beadworks.

Photo | Drag Race PH

Episode 3

This black gown embellished with white petals is called ‘Katuray Gown’ designed by Jan Garcia and rocked by Paolo during Episode 3.

Photo | Drag Race PH

Episode 4

During Episode 4, Paolo walked the Drag Race PH mainstage confidently in this Mara Chua whirlwind ala smoke belching gown.

The look was also completed with a headpiece by Job Dacon.

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Photo | Drag Race PH

Episode 5

Moreover, Paolo wore a Gerald Farofaldane creation during Episode 5.

This Serpentina gown is inspired by Jane Fonda, the star of the 1968 film Barbarella who visited the Philippines for anti-war political activism. 

Photo | Drag Race PH

Episode 6

This episode featured the first ever Snatch Game in the country.

But guess what? Paolo snatched the show by wearing this Cotton Candy Extravaganza designed by Carl Arcusa.

Photo | Drag Race PH

Episode 7

Lastly, Paolo sashayed in a custom Erjohn Dela Serna creation called ‘Ethnic Gown’ during the recently concluded episode.

Photo | Drag Race PH
Paolo’s collaboration with these designers is a victory for them. I believe he is ensuring that not only does he sashayed every episode of the show, but to give these talented designers the spotlight they deserve.
There’s certainly more to come. So, we better watch out!
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