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KPOP Songs that scream Women Empowerment

KPOP Songs that scream Women Empowerment

While they always bring out the inner party people in us, many tend to overlook the meaning behind their songs. Currently, K-Pop female groups and soloists are using their platform of music to empower women.

With this, here are some of K-Pop songs by girl groups and soloists that screams Women Empowerment:

Solo – Jennie

With the first solo debut from Blackpink, IT Girl Jennie has proven that she is a powerhouse vocalist and rapper. Her single titled “SOLO” tells us that we don’t need someone else to be the GOAT. Just finding one’s worth is enough to reclaim one’s own throne, rather than sitting on your own feelings.

I Am The Best – 2NE1

Who wouldn’t forget CL’s iconic “Naega Jeil Jal Naga”? This song was a massive party anthem back then. It dominated the charts during its release and it truly deserved it. With 2NE1’s powerful anthem, they promote self-belief as it is constantly reminded that women truly are the best.

Hip- Mamamoo

Women K-Pop

Released in 2019, this MAMAMOO song is one of the epitome of Women Empowerment anthems. Behind it, they wanted to convey that they are above the haters and people who tend to tear them down. On the other hand, their music video depicted the four of them in male-dominated roles. Who can deny that it just screams women empowerment?

BoA – Woman

With “Woman”, BoA has used her music to uplift women’s stories. Together with her powerful vocals, she has served looks that exude confidence and elegance. This hit will surely make every woman feel empowered. As the Queen herself said, “No comparing. I shine just as I am, I’m beautiful enough to be a woman.”

Itzy – Wannabe

Women K-Pop

Released in 2020, this K-Pop song by Itzy pushes the narrative that self-love is needed to thrive. With every beat of Ryujin’s shoulder dance, it’s reminding women of the importance of personal identity and self-worth. Every woman needs to be their own boss and they should not answer to someone else’s wants.

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StayC – Stereotype

StayC, or Star To A Young Culture really goes beyond stereotypes. They express themselves in their song that they are so much more than their façade. While dodging stereotypes, they also show that they possess the confidence of an empowered woman.

Antifragile – Le Sserafim

Women K-Pop

This recent hit from Le Sserafim really was an earworm that it became a trend on different platforms. But it does have more to it than its catchy tune. Members of the group Le Sserafim revealed that the meaning behind their song is that they’re pushing behind being antifragile. They wanted to share that they might be of some things, they still push to be fearless people.

Are there more songs you want to include on this list? Let us know!

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