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Celeste Cortesi’s Best Style Moments With Randell Giel

Celeste Cortesi’s Best Style Moments With Randell Giel

No one can deny Zendaya’s perfect chemistry with her image architect Law Roach, or Dua Lipa’s fashion affair with her stylist Lorenzo Possoco. It’s a match-made in heaven! Their sartorial alliance works so well that they have cemented the stars’ names as style icons. Scintillating looks after looks, on the red-carpet, on stage, and on the ‘gram. This is the same case with the duo: Celeste Cortesi and her stylist Randell Giel.

Whenever the former Miss Universe Philippines turned celebrity star steps into the limelight, you can be certain she will strike a pose and deliver a remarkable fashion moment. When she’s in the room clad in Randell’s vision, best believe she radiates va-va-voom and sophistication. Which proves that these two qualities are not mutually exclusive. Can one exude sophistication while also emanating sensual allure? Sure, trust Celeste and Randell. IRL, a nexus of these two can be tricky. It requires a keen eye for every detail of the look, and clearly a discerning taste! Cortesi and Giel’s synergy scores a perfect ten in delivering great style moments, exhibiting her personality and unique approach to both elegance and sensuality.

The Genesis of Celeste’s Best Style Moments

The fashion affair between Cortesi and Randell began last year for Miss Universe X Bragais Ad-campaign shoot. Jordon Estrada, a producer for Empire/Miss Universe Philippines taps the stylist to create the looks for the shoot.

Initially, I was hesitant to take on such a large project, particularly this, for Miss Universe and Bragais, but Jordon convinced me otherwise to accept the ‘challenge’ saying that he trusts and knew I could pull it off.

Celeste Cortesi in Kerby Zabata and Angela Taluza | Photos Courtesy of Seven Barreto and Dion Trinidad

Celeste stuns in a asymmetric glove-sleeve number with a waist and bosom cut-outs and a high slit. This luscious wine-red look heralded their fashion fusion. Another look from the Bragais ad-campaign is the chain-mail ensemble by Angela Taluza. His stylist knows how to turn out a look, which is why they have been able to craft more stunning looks together.

Moreover, the red carpet is also Cortesi and Giel’s style playground. At every red-carpet event she attends, the fashion moments she serve earn her a well-deserved spot on the best-dressed lists.

At the recently concluded Vogue Philippines Gala, the duo tapped Puey Quiñones for her LBD (little black dress) moment. Celeste wore a midi-length black frock, sporting a classic Christian Dior silhouette—all subtle from her sleek half-up hair and makeup. She glows resplendently in quiet luxury from head to toe. She can also effortlessly embody the essence of barely-there glamour, channeling her innate, irresistible sensual allure.

What’s the best way to debut at the GMA Gala as an official Sparkle artist? In an iconic haute hood moment! Celeste sports a slinky hooded dress with an ultra-deep plunging neckline, that highlights a statement jewelry from Miladay Jewels. You also cannot simply overlook the beautiful ruching on the skirt and the slitted sleeves—all credit to Anthony Ramirez.

Ramirez’ creations also spices things up between Celeste and Randell with a slew of his custom-made pieces. At the Miss Universe Philippines Preliminary competition, the Filipino-Italian star is in her signature va-va-voom aura, with a clean-cut mermaid gown, featuring a deep-décolleté black velvet bodice and a voluminous satin skirt.

Channeling Vintage Fashion References

One of my favorite things about these two is their Fashion references. The duo not only draws inspiration from the most prominent fashion houses’ style moments but also infuses their unique signature spin into their creations. At the Mega Ball 2023, she emerged in a muted-ivory corset gown with a crisscross lacing that resembles a vintage Versace dress from Fall 2003 collection. The dress is impeccably boned and snugly hugs her body just like a second skin.

Additionally, Cortesi also amped up the barbie fever with her Polka-dot number. Donning a light gray and black halter neck with a midriff cutout. This dress also resembles a look from Valentino Spring 1993 collection. Which was originally worn by the dubbed “Real-life Barbie” during the days: Karen Mulder.

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Meanwhile, Randell Giel also shares his delightful experience working with Celeste. In an email, he expressed, “As a fashionista, she has a keen sense of what works and what doesn’t for her”. He always aims to achieve a sexy yet effortless look for the Kapuso star, he said. However, he also experiments with various looks for Celeste, who effortlessly pulls off almost anything.

How to wear a not-so-boring office look according to Celeste and Randell

Giel does not only dolls up Celeste in high-glamor looks, even in her everyday smart-casual outfits, he takes charge. He always strives for an ideal balance of sensuality and understated elegance and in this case, a revved up corporate look. Celeste takes a boring office wear in a risqué route. Her fun summer office wear is composed of cropped vest, trousers with pelvic cutouts, and silver chains. Meanwhile, both a mini dress and a suit can also become exciting when paired with cut-outs, Swarovski-encrusted boots, or Gucci monogram-printed tights.

Pageant fans also gushed over the former Miss Universe Philippines’ appearance at the Miss Universe Thailand as a guest judge. Her look is simply divine to say the least. Garbed in an embroidered black and champagne bodycon gown by Rian Fernandez, accentuating her sultriness with the ensemble’s trompe l’oeil hour glass body.

Indeed, their tandem in the fashion scene is unrivaled. The stylist attributed the magic of their collaborative work to their dedication. Randell also credits it to their hardworking team and Celeste herself.

Celeste and I both have a lot of ideas. She shares her ideas and pegs for the look, and I share mine as well. We both combine our ideas to achieve a certain look. Also, we aim to support our local designers as much as possible in order to highlight their beautiful creations, especially the junior designers; for us, we truly believe Filipino designers are incredibly talented.

Furthermore, Giel gracefully extends his heartfelt appreciation to Celeste, acknowledging her unwavering trust in his creative vision. He also extends his gratitude to Jordon Estrada for entrusting him with this remarkable opportunity. Beyond their professional ties, Giel emphasizes the special bond he’s forged with Celeste, transcending the typical client-stylist relationship to that of cherished friends. With optimism and enthusiasm, he eagerly anticipates numerous more fruitful years of collaboration with the remarkable Cortesi.

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