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INSTAGRAM RAID: Celeste Cortesi Slaying Black Outfits

INSTAGRAM RAID: Celeste Cortesi Slaying Black Outfits

We’ve seen our reigning Miss Universe Philippines, Celeste Cortesi, dazzle in different outfits in various colors. In every masterpiece she wears, she can serve charm, class, sultriness, and fierceness. A true icon in the fashion world!

But upon diving into her Instagram account, she appears to be a fan of black outfits. And why not? Black does not always equate to darkness but black is powerful.

Let’s all check these Instagram posts of Celeste in black outfits.

Serving elegance at significant events

Here are Celeste’s appearances at two important events she attended: the GMA Gala night and the Vogue Philippines launch.

Slaying cocktail dresses

See how stunning and fierce Celeste is wearing a black cocktail dress in these Instagram posts of her!

Casually eating

Even going out for lunch or dinner, Celeste is ready to slay black outfits!

Celebrating social media milestone

Celeste showed her gratefulness as she reached 400 thousand Instagram followers by posting this photo of her wearing black.

On fire with these swimsuits!

Celeste rocked the swimsuit segment and won the Best in Swimsuit award in Miss Universe Philippines. Still can’t get over it? See these swimsuit photos of her. Her body is to die for!


Serving black with her boyfriend, Mathew Custodio.

Comfy in black

Lastly, here are some extra photos of Celeste in casual black tops paired with different pants that you surely don’t want to miss!

Seeing Celeste look confident in black made me think of her rocking a black gown on the Miss Universe stage during the evening gown competition.
It’s not unusual for a Miss Universe contestant to dress and win in black. In fact, Riyo Mori from Japan was crowned in a flowy black dress way back in 2007.
Are you in favor of Celeste wearing a black gown on the Miss Universe stage?
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