Celeste Cortesi graces Miss Universe Thailand 2023 in a stunning Rian Fernandez Gown

Celeste Cortesi graces the Miss Universe Thailand 2023 pageant in a stunning Rian Hernandez Gown

If there’s such thing as an after-reign glow, Celeste Cortesi is definitely relishing in hers! The former Miss Universe Philippines made headlines as she sat as one of the judges at the recently concluded Miss Universe Thailand competition.

Looking absolutely immaculate, Celeste steals the show as she steps out in a stunning gown made by Filipino designer Rian Fernandez.

Simply indicating what the Universe may have missed? Maybe but nevertheless, Celeste’s look only demonstrates that even though her era may have come to an end, she’s showing no signs of slowing down.

For a closer look at the gown, check out the details below.

Celeste Cortesi graces the Miss Universe Thailand 2023 pageant in a stunning Rian Fernandez Gown

In dressing our celestial goddess, Fernandez dons her in a black and champagne trumpet gown with hand-embroidered details.

Pageant fans may find this style of shape and design familiar because it resembles another Rian Fernandez gown which Krishnah Gravidez wore to the Miss Universe Philippines 2023 finals.

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The piece, which perfectly hugs Celeste’s figure, is giving us that allure and sophistication that we were all dying to see during her time. A serve that we can only expect from her and her alone, Celeste is clearly having her reputation era and we’re living for it!

Marking another fashion milestone, Celeste will only continue to shine ever so brightly. Reigning supreme among the rest.

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