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Catriona Gray recreates iconic ‘lava walk’ as she reunites with Ne-Yo

Catriona Gray recreates iconic ‘lava walk’ as she reunites with Ne-Yo

As a moment of pure fun and little nostalgia, just recently, Catriona Gray got to recreate her signature Miss Universe lava walk as she reunited with R&B singer Ne-Yo during the Manila leg of his concert on Monday, January 23.

As we all know, Catriona first met the award-winning musician in Thailand during the Miss Universe 2018 pageant, in which she was wearing her iconic red Mak Tumang lava gown as she held onto Ne-Yo’s arm as he was singing Miss Independent. Fortunately, she eventually won the Miss Universe crown that night.

On her Instagram page, moments before the show of Ne-Yo, the legendary queen expressed her excitement over seeing the R&B hitmaker in the flesh.

“@neyo nahanap mo na ba si Miss Independent?! Nandito na siyaaaa! (Neyo, have you met Miss Independent?! She’s here!) So excited to [fangirl] yeheeee,” she said in the caption.

And a moment to remember indeed as on Monday night, she got a flashback from dancing with the artist.

“Hey, what’s your name,” Ne-Yo said, appearing to not have recognized her at first.

“My name is Catriona. I actually walked with you in Thailand, I’m Miss Universe,” Gray said.

“I remember you,” Ne-Yo replied, as he gave Catriona a hug.

The three-time Grammy winner then continued to perform as Catriona recreated her signature lava walk in front of a very excited audience. On Tuesday, January 24, the iconic Miss Universe 2018 took to her personal Twitter page for her fangirling moment.

“Huhu got [to share] the stage with @NeYoCompound twice (whaaat) huhu my fangirl heart is so happy,” she said.

Meanwhile, on Instagram, Catriona also revealed that one of the concert’s stage managers made the moment with Ne-Yo onstage happen.

“So last night, Neyo asked for members from the audience to dance, syempre hindi ako dancer! But then everyone around me was pointing to me and, taking notice, one of the stage managers picked me to take me to the stage. Kinabahan ako tulooooy. Pero ang alam ko I can’t dance but I know how to WUAALLKKKK,” she said.

What a lucky fangirl Catriona is. Well, she’s the Miss Universe after all. Maybe she deserves it.

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