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Celeste Cortesi thanks fans and the country for supporting her in the 71st Miss Universe

Celeste Cortesi thanks fans and the country for supporting her in the 71st Miss Universe

In the just concluded 71st Miss Universe where R’Bonney Gabriel was crowned the winner, Celeste Cortesi has indeed made us proud with her amazing performance.

Just recently, on January 23, she has finally spoken up about the experience for the first time by posting her message dedicated to her country and her fans on Instagram.

Celeste described her entire year as “the most challenging and yet most exciting time” of her life. She passionately stated that representing The Philippines is her “greatest honor.”

The beauty queen also shared that she always had a burning passion for her country and was always very curious about The Philippines with its “islands, people, and culture.” She continued on by talking about the pursuit of her “Filipina Identity” and how she challenged herself and stepped out of her comfort zone by flying in the country alone as a very young woman.

“I’ve always known by heart that there are NO limits in what you can achieve as long as you are committed to the vision and your intentions are pure, as I have done by pushing myself beyond my limits in the services of my advocacies, training, and learning,” Celeste wrote.

“I am discovering purposes that [go] beyond my self-ambitions,” she continued. “I am immensely grateful to have had the chance to represent all Filipinos and all the sweet fans of pageantry around the world.”

Celeste immensely thanked a lot of people who helped her in her journey including her team, fans, her family, loved ones, and of course, her country, as she mentioned how proud she is to be a Filipina.

Celeste Cortesi

Her father was a special mention, writing a heartfelt message as to how he continuously guided her.

“I feel your protection. If you are redirecting me to a different path, to what is truly meant for me, I trust you and I know I still am in the right place at the right time. Thank you, my guardian angel,” the Miss Universe Philippines shares.

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Celeste’s boyfriend, football player Matthew Custodio, as well as her pageant camp The Camp showed their love for the beauty queen in the comments.

Also, Filipina beauty queens showed their appreciation for her, including Katrina Dimaranan, Gazini Ganados, Hannah Arnold, Maureen Wroblewitz, MJ Lastimosa, and Michelle Dee, as well as actresses Franki Russel and Chie Filomeno.

Meanwhile, fellow Miss Universe representatives Manita Hang of Cambodia and María Fernanda Aristizabal of Colombia also posted touching messages.

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