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Catriona Gray: A Queen for All

Catriona Gray: A Queen for All

Catriona Gray, like most of us, was just a simple girl dreaming of something big. She was a girl seeking purpose and inspiration. A little princess who wished to rule a kingdom she wanted to prosper. And, eventually, she slowly builds an unwavering fortress from sticks and stones. Catriona was, and still is, a warrior – a fearless one, and such conviction will be her key to the throne.

Catriona Gray: A Queen for All

The noble beginnings

Born in the northern lands of Queensland, Australia, Catriona started her dream. She was the beloved only daughter to a Filipina mother and a Scottish father. Due to her father’s work, Catriona frequently moved houses hence, she was forced to start her life over and over again with a new home and new friends. Because of this, she became extremely shy, like a flower that hasn’t bloomed yet. Eventually, though, she will be able to conquer this obstacle – growing into a full-bloomed blossom and every beholder awes by her delicate yet mesmerizing beauty.

Of substance and virtue, Catriona bounds herself to the liberating chains of change. She is a feisty heroine who’s ever ready to give her all. A girl on fire whose light never ceases to flare. The true Filipina spirit – and the kindhearted one. Catriona proves to the world just how much love and simple care can do.

With passion and perseverance, she flew to the Philippines to start her career. Her exceptional beauty paved her way to becoming a professional model, until the opportunity to seize the crown flashed upon her cunning hazel eyes.

From princess to queen

When Catriona witnessed what being a queen would allow her to do, she undoubtedly aspired to become one. It was through her dear companion, Valerie Weighmann, that she saw the endless possibilities of being a queen after she won Miss World Philippines in 2014. Ultimately, she started to pave her way to the throne with unfaltering determination and will to make a change.

Catriona joined Miss World Philippines in 2016 which she unequivocally won. Her journey to the throne had just begun. And, although she was awarded a crown, it didn’t stop her from reaching new heights. But, of course, like any queen before her throne, she faced challenges and losses on her way to the top. She strived to become stronger, better, and deserving of the crown. Winning the title of Miss World Philippines was her ticket to the global stage. She passionately sought it, like a lioness on the hunt.

With blood, sweat, and tears, and a caring heart, Catriona joined and won the Miss Universe pageant in 2018. Conquering the world and becoming the hope of her kingdom, Catriona made her noble aspirations come to life. She ensured that the title she brought home wasn’t just a bejeweled prize – but a symbol of change and purpose. The beauty queen continued to make efforts for her kingdom to prosper even more.

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She granted tireless support to charitable institutions such as Young Focus, an organization that provides free quality education for the less fortunate youth of Tondo, Manila; Smile Train, a charitable institution that offers free cleft surgeries that brings brand new smiles, and Love Yourself PH, a community that promotes self-love and protection for the youth and the members of the LGBTQIA+ community.

The Queen of All

Since Miss World Philippines, Catriona has already been vocal about her charitable pursuits and making a difference. She believed that by empowering others and being compassionate, there will be no darkness in this world that our light cannot overcome. Catriona already had aspirations for the betterment of the world.

Even in her own little ways, she pursued helping the less fortunate, especially the out-of-school Filipino youth. She became the light to those who shared the dark reality that is dazzled by poverty. Her passion and dedication to helping inspired her to expand her territory to reach even more souls to be lightened in the dark.

Through this legacy, she inspires people to follow in her footsteps and to become better versions of themselves. When she became Miss Universe in 2018, Catriona may have won the world’s praise but right now that she is making a change – a beautiful change to society – you could say that the world won when Catriona sat on the throne. There was so much more than beauty and grace. There was love and a sense of responsibility to help. And, Catriona Gray was there to reign over the world and spread her legacy.

Catriona’s vision to assess situations with the silver lining is what strengthens her goal to become a queen of passion and purpose. She is more than just her famous “lava walk” or her overflowing charm and confidence on stage. Because she is a woman who cares and she is a woman who does. And that’s what makes a queen for all, after all.

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