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Carnival by the Sea: MOA Skyranch

Carnival by the Sea: MOA Skyranch

Have you ever been to a carnival where you enjoy playing games out of luck and riding enjoyable rides? Or does your inner child want to experience it? Then, this one is for you! Why don’t we go travel and experience going into a carnival while at the same time enjoying the feeling of being near the sea? MOA Skyranch has it all!

Carnival by the Sea: MOA Skyranch

How To Get There?

If you are from the South (Las Piñas, Muntinlupa, Parañaque, etc) you can ride a bus from PITX or an e-jeep that has a MOA sign board. The fare is PHP 15. Most of the e-jeeps required a beep card so you can tap your fare, but there are some that accept cash.

If you are from the northern part of Metro Manila (Quezon City, Malabon, Caloocan, etc) you can ride a bus that has a “Quezon Avenue” sign and get off in Centris. From Centris, you have two options going to MOA.

  1. You can ride the MRT and get off at the last station “Taft”. The fare is free until June 30, 2022. But usually, it costs PHP 30. After that, ride a carousel that has “MOA” or “PITX” sign then get off to MOA. The carousel fare from Taft to Moa is PHP 15.
  2. Or you can simply ride a carousel under the MRT Station. It is a free ride until June 30, 2022. It usually costs 40 pesos.

What’s In MOA?

The moment you stepped on SM MOA, you can see people wearing their best OOTD. Some are with their significant other, some are with their families, and some bring their friends. You can enjoy lots of rides from extreme to moderate to kids’ rides. The prices may vary depending on the rides that you are going to avail of. To get a discount, you can buy your ticket online at the Metrodeal website. However, there are some rides that are not included in the discounted ticket online.

The well-known ride is the MOA Eye, which is the Ferris wheel. The giant Ferris wheel gives you a nice view of Manila Bay. I personally recommend riding it at night to appreciate more the lights and the calmness it makes you feel.

The new ride that is, I must say, the most extreme among the rides is The Twister. From the word itself, it will twist you 360 degrees.

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The other ride that I personally recommend is the Pirate Ship. In some places, it’s called Anchor’s Away. You can either enjoy the view when you are on top or feel dizzy when you look down.

Aside from the rides, you can also enjoy the games that they offer. The prices may range from PHP 100 to PHP 150 per game. I can say that only lucky people won this game, or are skillful enough to overcome the game.

If you get tired from playing, you can rest and then eat in various restaurants and food stalls. They offer variety of food that you may enjoy from PHP 35 and up.

So, what are you waiting for? Come and go to MOA Seaside and enjoy the amazing carnival with a view. Also, go now while there is still a free ride so you can use your money on the rides or games. Spoil yourself with adventures as you will treasure the memory forever and will not regret that you try things outside your comfort zone.

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