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Take breathtaking travel photos just like Victoria Velasquez Vincent

Take breathtaking travel photos just like Victoria Velasquez Vincent

IG RAID: Take breathtaking travel photos just like Victoria Vincent

When we travel to new places, documenting our experiences through a series of photos is always second nature. Why wouldn’t it be? After all, we don’t get to see beautiful sights every day, so we might as well make the most of it.

The essence of any travel photo is that it let people see what a place looks like from your point of view. It gives them a glimpse of what they can expect when they experience it and see it for themselves.

While some people are content with quick snapshots, others take time and effort to ensure they get the perfect image. For proof, look no further than our resident beaut-o-grapher, Miss Universe Philippines Charity 2021 Victoria Velasquez Vincent.

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Victoria’s passion for travel photography is evident in her Instagram profile, which, to us, looks like an online gallery. Considering that she has a Master’s degree in Architecture and Heritage Conservation, this shouldn’t come as a surprise. She has a good eye for detail and understands how to bring out the beauty of the places she visits.

Thankfully, now that traveling is once again an option, it’s time that you create your own aesthetic travel photos too. Simply follow these instructions, and you may become a pro like Victoria.

Play with light

Natural lighting, particularly the sun, is extensively used in travel photography. However, it is sometimes in the absence of it that we truly appreciate the beauty of one’s surroundings. It’s crucial to have proper lighting, but it’s also fun to play around with it. Experimenting with a light source, whether copious or not, creates depth and highlights the scenery.

Look for alternative perspectives

Taking photos at one particular angle can lack variety as it appears to be one-dimensional. Exploring different techniques when taking a photo can be achieved by employing different angles. In that way, it focuses not only on the details but also gives a unique view of a subject.

Add people as a subject

When we take photos, we aim to share a story. Adding a point of interest—in this case, people—can change the way we view a picture. A serene atmosphere paired with a beautiful landscape is enticing, but sometimes it’s the people that make a photograph magical.

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A post shared by Victoria Velasquez Vincent (@victoriavelasquezvincent)

What does she use for taking travel photos?

For her photos, Victoria uses a Sony A7R3 camera as well as a DJI Mavic Pro II drone. This allows her to produce fantastic Instagram reels as well as panoramic shots. But of course, these are just optional; phones or any type of camera will still create a meaningful photo nonetheless.

If you want to check more of her photos, you can check her profile or visit her photography account.

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