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barenbliss: BNBae SPOTTED! Boys Represent!

barenbliss: BNBae SPOTTED! Boys Represent!

The past BNBae Spotted featured some of our favorite girlies that showed love to barenbliss products. That being said, the barenbliss team surely appreciates all the love they see online. And we’re encouraging everyone to share your thoughts on our products. It doesn’t matter how big your following is and of course – it also doesn’t matter what gender you identify as! That’s why for this BNBae spotted we’ll bring the boys out! It’s time for them to show us their tips and tricks.  

Joshua Decena

Best known for his dance choreography and covers on youtube Joshua danced his way into people’s hearts. Joshua shows his everyday “fresh” makeup look using barenbliss on his TikTok video. 

Prep The Lips

To start, Joshua prepped his skin and of course his lips with a product you can’t go wrong with. The barenbliss Butter Rush Lip Mask is definitely a must have. 

Fresh Face Makeup

After prepping his face for makeup. Joshua used the barenbliss Light It Up Skin Tint, this skin tint is surely perfect for that natural “your face but better” look. Although his got broken through skipping, don’t worry joshua your package is on its way *wink*. For concealer, Joshua used the Start-Over Concealer. This is the perfect concealer if you want to hide the bags under your eyes and in Joshua’s words “to hide how sleep deprived” you are. To set the face, of course, Joshua chose the Fine To Refine Compact Powder. Also sharing how this is the only thing he was supposed to buy before the “budo” episode began!

Finishing Touch

To add the ‘perfect’ amount of color – Joshua used the Peach Makes Perfect Lip Tint. And there you have it! Joshua is one of the examples that makeup doesn’t have a gender in his words “Just because you use makeup doesn’t really decrease your masculinity”. 

Chino Santos

Chino is a well known social media personality known for using his platform to share his personal life. And, recently he shared his quick but effective makeup look.


Was late for work already so I decided to do my make up in the office instead! Iwas bulok make up routine thanks to @Luxe Skin & @barenbliss_ph 💕

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♬ Pretty Girl – Clairo
For that “Iwas Mantika” look, Chino’s go-to is the Fine To Refine Compact Powder. And for Chino’s lippie, he shared a technique that is a must try. Layering the Peach Makes Perfect Lip Tint and the barenbliss Kiwi Tin Cheek & Lip Tint for double the moisture and double the slay!

Stephen Legaspi

And let’s end this list with a laugh! Stephen is known for his viral character the “Toxic Boyfriend”. And for his video for barenbliss, he introduced a new character “Close-Minded Tatay.”


Men can wear makeup too!!! Add to cart niyo na ang compact powder from @barenbliss_ph to have 24H oil control and have that UV protection. #bareblissph #barenblisscompactpowder #24hfinetorefine

♬ original sound – Stephen – Stephen
In the skit, ‘tatay’ confronts his son on why he has the barenbliss True Beauty Cushion and the Fine To Refine Compact Powder on his bag. Questioning his sexuality, the son explained that make up can also be used by men. A simple skit like this can open the eyes of many. And we really appreciate guys like Stephen who are open minded not just for business but also in makeup.

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