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Beating boredom with board games to play during family gatherings

Beating boredom with board games to play during family gatherings

You win if you guess the killer if you’re the wealthiest at the end of the game, or make it to the finish line first. Are we getting the pattern? Yup! These are the common patterns of board game routine during family gatherings. And I can tell we’re all excited for the upcoming holidays to meet our cousins, aunts, and uncles already. A part of it is we miss them, but mostly we want to beat and show them our new unleashed tricks in games.

Beating boredom with board games to play during family gatherings

The countdown to the holiday has already started, and now everyone seems thrilled because we’re only a few nights of sleep away from the most awaited and joyful season. In most places, the holiday season means family gatherings. And with family gatherings come lots of games.

Board games are a must-have element of family reunions. Not all the time do your family members have the energy to participate in active and tiring playoffs because the holiday season is a week-long celebration. There’s a time when you all are jumping, shouting for joy, and laughing out loud. And, there’s a time when you sit on the floor for calm, fun, more analytical, and cherished board games.

Whether playing beginner games with the kids or becoming staid at the adult tables, don’t let yourself be too serious and go back to the very reason you’re playing: to enjoy and bond with your family.

Thinking up new board games to bring to the table that will entertain everyone may not be the easiest. So, these are the games that you can get online or at your friendly local game store. And they’re all fantastic additions to your family game board collection.

Board games to play during family reunions

Codenames: Pictures

This is perfect for families of any size. We love the challenge of giving and understanding one-word clues to guess multiple cards on the table. If you thought the original Codename could never have a better upgrade, then you’re wrong. Try playing this to find out you actually like Codenames: Pictures more than the original.

How to play:

In this game, you’re going to split the family members into two teams. One person on each team is going to be giving a one-word clue. Everyone else on both teams is going to be looking at the pictures in front and trying to figure out which picture the clue-giver has in mind. The first team to guess the picture wins.

Machi Koro

It’s full of city building, money-earning, and dice-rolling run, but it’s not Monopoly. Machi Koro is a very luck-heavy game for ages ten and up. It is a hit game that has been delighting players for years, especially in other countries. However, we also want to experience the Machi Koro craze they’ve been experiencing.

Board games

How to play:

The game starts with only a wheat field and a bakery. Each turn, players will be rolling the dice to gain money. You’ll spend the money to build better businesses in your city, which is another way to get more money. You can steal money from your opponent until you have enough to construct landmarks. Landmarks have special and strong abilities. Once the last landmark is constructed, that player wins the game.

Camel up

Camel up is a game of camel racing and betting for three to eight players. It is a random, chaotic game with lots of dice shaking and camels stacking on top of each other. It’s a wild ride, to be sure. 

How to play: 

In a race around the pyramid, camels advance and will land on each other, probably carrying their opponents to victory. At the same time, watching out for the black and white camels is necessary because they may take players in the wrong direction. 

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Players will place a bet on in-game and end-of-game outcomes. They must aim to collect on as many of their bets as they can, and whoever ends up with the most money wins.  

Incan Gold

Incan gold is a fun push-and-luck in which you and up to seven players are going to explore an Incan ruin. If you want a more intense game with your family, this game is perfect for you. 

Board games

How to play

In this game, you’re trying to collect artifacts and gems, try to backstab each other, and run out of the temple with as much loot as you can carry. If you stay in the temple too long, you’re bust, and you’ll lose all your gems for that round. 

Ticket to ride 

This game has become almost as ubiquitous as Monopoly and Uno in families’ board game collections. Ticket to ride is all about trains and route-building. 

How to play 

You’ll start each game with at least two routes, which you’ll be trying to complete throughout the game. On your turns, you’ll be drawing train cards and then playing cards of the same color to place your train out on corresponding spots on the board. Throughout the game, there’s usually route blocking, and sometimes you got to take massive detours to get around and be where you have to be before the end of the game. At the end of the game, if you complete your routes, you win the game. 

Which board game are you trying? Let us know!

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