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Jung Ho-Yeon goes on a Manila trip and a fun meet with Filipino fans

Jung Ho-Yeon goes on a Manila trip and a fun meet with Filipino fans

It has been a year since we all started binge-watching the South Korean survival drama series Squid Game on Netflix. It features hundreds of cash-strapped contestants brawling for billions worth of prizes. It stars Lee Jung-Jae, Park Hae-Soo, and of course – Jung Ho-Yeon.

It seems as if we’re all not ready to get over the 2021 modish green and white tracksuit and game frontman costume. The award-winning acting of the cast and the intense scenes they portrayed made the audience scream and bawl their eyes out. And, it seems as if all is still clear, especially for many Filipinos who fell into the Hallyu craze – we are all still in love with Player 067, Jung Ho-Yeon herself.

Photo | Micas Ladua

Jung Ho-Yeon goes on a Manila trip and a fun meet with Filipino fans

The worldwide phenomenon Jung Ho-Yeon as the IAM Worldwide Ambassador

The sought-after international model and internationally-acclaimed actress Jung Ho-Yeon is currently in the Philippines. She is in the country as IAM Worldwide, a Filipino-owned company, welcomes her as the first and newest Korean brand ambassador.

The company truly deserves a worldwide phenomenon to be its ambassador as it has been changing lives and motivating people worldwide. For IAM Worldwide President Allen Marvin Yu Eder, having Jung Ho-Yeon on board is perfect for the company’s goal to reach potential millennial and Gen Z consumers.

“Ms. Jung Ho-Yeon is definitely the exceptional choice as the new face of the company and our products. She’s now a powerhouse celebrity known globally and really connects well with the youth. She’s a glamorous ace for IAM Worldwide.”

Experiencing the love and support of Filipinos from another level

On the afternoon of November 11, IAM Worldwide arranged an exclusive press conference for Ho-Yeon, which several media entities attended. The television host, Sam-Oh, hosted the press con, where she got to ask the actress various questions from the media and interpret her message for her Filipino fans. 

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With modesty, Ho-Yeon said, 

“I am so grateful for all the support of Filipinos. And now, because of IAM Worldwide, I am very thankful and so happy to finally be here.”

After the Squid Game and its success, things took off for her acting career. Her social media following skyrocketed. This, then, resulted in her becoming the most followed Korean actress on Instagram. 

“I noticed that of my followers, Filipino fans ranked number 2. I always thought, ‘I would really like to go to the Philippines and meet my Filipino fans. I am very thankful and so happy to finally be here.”

The model-actress opts for a more lowkey vacation in the Philippine islands to get that well-deserved rest.

When asked where she would go on a vacation in the country, Jung initially said in the press con that she doesn’t have a particular place in mind yet. However, she heard that the Philippines has many islands, and she’s looking forward to visiting one of them during her stay here. 

“I just want to do nothing, lie on the sand, look at the sky, get on a boat, and get onto the water because I really need a break right now. And that’s what I want to do.” 

Photo | Micas Ladua

Jung Ho-Yeon wraps up first solo fun meet in Manila

On the evening of the same day, Wilbros Live devised a fun meet in New Frontier Theatre that was more casual than tensed, yet crowd-filled. Despite the intended laidback feel, the segments were inspired by Squid Game. Its version, however, was mild and non-violent. Ho-Yeon doesn’t simply meet and talked with a vast host of her Filipino fans but leveled up the pursuit by integrating games.

Answering questions is an inevitable reality for celebrities in scenes filled with fans – well, at least for Jung. The kick-off for the fan event agrees as she answered the audience’s questions once more in the Just Hear You segment. Afterward, several games were played, and all winners got a chance to have a photo opportunity with the actress.

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Grit to wear a Filipiniana Dress

For the event, Jung wore a Filipiniana dress perfected by her stylist, Aeri Yun. The outfit worked together with a pair of black platform heels, gold jewelry, and Ho-Yeon’s genial smile. She was so stunning in that dress, for sure! What her fans appreciated the most, however, was her grit in representing the Philippines with it. A model for a reason, indeed!

Upcoming acting projects

If you still can’t get over Squid Games‘s tragic ending, Jung Ho-Yeon just announced her upcoming projects. Maybe, those can help you move on from the show. During the exclusive press conference, she shared that she will be back on screen for three upcoming acting engagements.

The Governess

Ho-Yeon will star alongside Lily-Rose Depp and Renate Reinsve in the Hollywood movie, The Governess. Her fans surely won’t miss seeing the star’s Hollywood debut and how she takes over their heart once again.


Jung Ho-Yeon will also star in Apple TV+’s upcoming thriller, Disclaimer. The series is based on Renee Knight’s award-winning psychological thriller novel of the same name.

Dakgangjeong (Sweet Spicy Chicken)

She will also fulfill a role in the Netflix drama series based on the well-known webtoon Dakgangjeong.

Although the actress cannot go into detail yet, she hopes her fans will continue to support and follow these upcoming projects.

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