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Bahay Bago Kasal: Is marriage on the decline?

Bahay Bago Kasal: Is marriage on the decline?

After a long discussion with my partner, we decided on investing in our own home before either getting married or having kids. This discussion between us has not come as a surprise. However, it made me realize how marriage seems to remain on a decline. Recently, I went through my friends on social media. I don’t seem to find a lot of them who have gotten engaged or married. Cohabitation has become more of a common choice. 

Bahay Bago Kasal: Is marriage on the decline?

Gender psychology and adult development and aging lecturer at Bentley University Clarissa Sawyer points to education as a root of this decline. According to the report, she mentioned that women have started to marry later. She mentioned that they become more educated and invest in their careers. She also noted a boost in the ratio of educated men and women. The lecturer also pointed out that these people have invested a lot of time and money into college. So, they want to have a job and delay marriage, if not opt out completely. 

Seeing marriage as less important

A lot of millennials and Gen Zs fall into the age group most apt to believe that marriage remains old-fashioned. Some of them believe that marriage has become less important for a family to flourish. Aside from that, they also think that getting married costs too much. 

The ring, the venue, the food, the flowers, the invitation, the cake— and plenty else just costs too much. Sure, planning a wedding looks fun but as I have mentioned, it has become really painfully expensive. It also actually falls as one of the reasons why my partner and I have decided to first invest in our own home.

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I have nothing against marriage. My partner and I just don’t have any money yet.

I mean, I will be getting married. But, not anytime soon. My partner and I have chosen to commit ourselves to each other. Just without the whole costly celebration. So, you know… If you’re one of my friends, family, or relatives that want me to have a big grand wedding, then go ahead and please contribute to our own home. I’m not even kidding. 

But, still… This raises the question: is marriage on the decline? Let us know what you think!

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