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How wardrobe choices improve characters in “The World of the Married”

How wardrobe choices improve characters in “The World of the Married”

The popularity of the controversial revenge-drama “The World of the Married” in the Philippines has increased exponentially over the past weeks. In fact, the psychological drama starring Kim Hee Ae and Park Hae Joon is currently the highest-rated cable TV drama in South Korea, and has been receiving rave reviews online from fans across Asia.

In episode 10, the world is getting smaller for Sun Woo, Tae-Oh, and Da Kyung. With plot twists slowly building and more characters getting more involved in the ex-married couple’s agenda, fans really can’t wait for the next episodes to come.

But the question is, what makes a series worthy of our time? Aside from its plot and acting ensemble, what makes a series compelling to watch?

William Schwartz, a writer of Han Cinema, explained how wardrobe choices subtly improved “The World of the Married”. In his article published April 27, he explained how drama’s choice of wardrobe for its leading actors has also done much to heighten its sensibility. He used Han So Hee’s character Da Kyung as an example for his analysis.

Read his analysis below:

Han So-hee in particular, though a fairly new actress, has benefited greatly from her colorful, attention drawing style.

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Such wardrobe design serves multiple purposes. First, in internal continuity, the degree to which Han So-hee is highlighted helps to explain why the male lead, played by Park Hae-joon, is tempted away from his wife, played by Kim Hee-aeHan So-hee‘s performance has made it clear that her character, though attractive, is also horribly naive with a poor grasp of long-term consequences. Thus the fashion choices work as a metaphor for her characterization.

jBTC’s The World of the Married

But the bright, diverse clothing style employed by Han So-hee also drags the viewer’s attention much as it does the leading man’s. In a drama with an otherwise very bleak atmosphere and backdrop, Han So-hee is a consistent bright spot. Consequently the viewer is compelled to look at Han So-hee even as her character inspires revulsion. This also allows the viewer to better identify with the character played by lead actress Kim Hee-ae, who views Han So-hee‘s character much the same way.

The sheer adapability of Han So-hee‘s wardrobe, as well as the frequency with which it mixes and matches more high-end fashion with casual clothing, is another effective metaphor. Where the lead characters are an older couple more set in their ways, Han So-hee‘s character switches strategy and approach constantly in order to gain what she wants. This allows her to function excellently as an antagonistic force while expressing this antagonism in a surprisingly passive way.

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