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AVATAR 2: Everything you need to know

AVATAR 2: Everything you need to know

Avatar 2 or Avatar: The Way of Water is highly making its grand appearance in all theaters this coming December. The long wait for the sequel is one of the most highly anticipated films in 2022.

AVATAR 2 on its release date in theaters

The sequel to the film will be released on December 16, 2022. It was said that the film was pushed back from December 2021 because of the ongoing global health crisis.

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The director, James Cameron, also revealed that they started filming in 2017. He also said that it took a lot of time to prepare and edit the final production before announcing that there will be a sequel. Cameron also mentioned that they are 95% complete for the next film, Avatar 3. The Avatar franchise will launch its 4 new Avatar movies from Avatar 2, up until Avatar 5 which will be seen on 2028.

Why does it take so long?

If you remember the first Avatar was released in 2009 making more fans eager and happy to finally know there’s a sequel. The original plan was the Avatar 2 to release in December 2014 and Avatar 3 was scheduled for December 2015 release.

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But delays and filming pushback happens making it finally planned in 2017. From scripts to writing and editing everyone started to be involved, that’s why pushback happened. Cameron informed the fans that no more delays will happen and finally be released this upcoming December.

The trailer

On May 09, 2022, fans were stunned and surprised when they released a 1-minute and 30-second trailer for the film. Many were happy and thrilled that after a long wait the movie will finally be released. You can watch the trailer here:

Casts for the upcoming film

The core cast will reprise their role for the upcoming film. Zoe Saldaña is back for her role as Princess Neytiri of Na’vi. Sam Worthington will also return for his Jake Sully role.

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One particular role is going back to being the main villain of the film, Stephen Lang as Colonel Miles Quaritch. His role is going to be the most awaited cast because we love a good villain.

Avatar 2: The way of Water and its plot?

The sequel will be set around 14 years after the first film. Jake Sully now in his Avatar form is the chieftain and Neytiri is the high priestess of their clan. The movie is also said to focus on the family and children of Sully in their new home in Pandora.

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Overall, the film and its 3 other coming sequels will have a stand-alone story interconnected with each other. Each film will be branded as a more introduction to Avatar’s life, how the planet Pandora works and Jake Sully’s journey continues.

Growing up, Avatar is one of the best films in the world. It’s fascinating how the 2009 film finally has its way to continue. Avatar: The Way of Water in cinemas release on December 16.

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