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Scorching Fantasy: Meet the Pit Crew of Drag Race PH

Scorching Fantasy: Meet the Pit Crew of Drag Race PH


Adapted from an American television series, Drag Race PH is a reality show where drag queens participate in a battle to be lavishly crowned the winner. In its Philippine spinoff, fans can see the local counterparts to the many different aspects of the show.

Everyone, here are the Pit Crew members of Drag Race PH:

Dheyle Dizon

Photo from Dheyele Dizon on Instagram

For Dheyle, having the opportunity to become one with Pit Crew is a dream come true. Primarily, that is because he is an admirer. Back in Malaysia, he only watched RuPaul’s Drag Race season 9 for its celebrity judge Lady Gaga. But eventually, he got hooked up and became a fan.

“When I found out that there would be a Drag Race Philippines, I told myself that I wanted to be a pit crew. Although it’s a long shot, there is no harm in dreaming of it.”

-Dheyle (dheyle)

Then came October last year, Dheyle was tapped to be a model for a show he’ll soon find out was Drag Race PH. He explained how he was so happy that he immediately accepted the offer without a second thought.

Jaycee Sahagun

Photo from: Jaycee Sahagun on Instagram

Filipino-American hunk Jaycee said he is thrilled to partake in Drag Race PH. Moreover, he considers watching the drag queens slaying the floor an exciting highlight. Meanwhile, he deeply acknowledges his real purpose in the competition:

“Pit Crew also has an important role in doing the best performance we can with the queens. I’m part of the show, so I’m there ’til the end. That’s a win for me.”

-Jaycee ((jaycee_s76))

Additionally, Jaycee regards this event as a “history in the making.” Speaking from his POV, he further assured everyone that Drag Race PH would not be a disappointment.

JP Ocat

Photo from JP Ocat on Instagram

It was mid-2019 when JP was introduced to RuPaul’s Drag Race. His love for it in time grew, thanks to the pandemic and the alternating community quarantine guidelines. Finally, the magic happened as he began manifesting becoming a pit crew member.

“In 2021, I got a call asking if I’m willing to wear briefs on national TV and have fun. I automatically knew it was Drag Race PH. And then, here we are!”

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-JP (itsjammppong_)

While you watch the queens and their drama (which JP adores, by the way), may his presence also remind you that some manifestations can come to life.

Ricardo De Jesus

Photo from Ricardo De Jesus on Instagram

Like JP, Ricardo recalls his story back to the pandemic. He fancied the colorful competition series until one day; a friend complimented him for having a “pit crew image.” To his surprise, so begins an exciting plot after his set card got sent to the Drag Race PH Team.

“The next thing I knew, we were already discussing how I could be part of the pit crew. It all started with just seeing it on TV and dreaming. Then, the universe made it happen!”

-Ricardo (ricardo_g_dejesus)

Despite having other work, Ricardo finds his way to handle commitments for Drag Race PH. He admitted to the difficulties but at the same time, expressed delight in the experience he said was worth it.

At last, on August 17, Drag Race PH aired its pilot episodes. Apart from introducing the 12 queens that will vie against each other, viewers also got to meet the Pit Crew. These four men oozing with sex appeal will join the premise to assist the contenders. Since we are sure they will steal some spotlight here and there, why not get acquainted with these beefcakes now?

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