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JADINE’s Breakup Timeline: What Happened after the End?

JADINE’s Breakup Timeline: What Happened after the End?

JADINE will always be one of the most sought-after love teams in Philippine Television. From their undeniable chemistry in front of the screen to their budding romance, to their quiet breakup, us, fans have seen it all.

Here’s the timeline of Jadine’s breakup and all that happened after.

January 2020: JADINE’s Breakup

Just as we thought 2020 was going to be a great year, a pandemic hit our country and one of our most beloved couple, split up.

Before their breakup, there’s a lot of rumors going on around the real score of their relationship but Jadine kept quiet and handled it on their own.

Not until their joint official statement on the show Tonight with Boy Abunda where they confirmed their breakup.

October 2021: James sells their love nest

Still us being the certified Jadine fans that we all are, we were all shocked when James put up their home for sale.

This is the same house that he and Nadine shared.

Nadine has gotten her ever-famous line “c’mon guys, it’s already 2017” when she was asked on whether she and James are already living together.

Jadine shared their lives together with us and this house was a part of it.

LOOK: James Reid is still selling the house he shared with Nadine Lustre.  Would you buy it at P85M? • l!fe • The Philippine Star
Photo Credits to: PhilSTAR Life

January 2022: Nadine and her new boyfriend became IG-official

Since August of 2021, there has been a speculation of Nadine having a new boyfriend.

Our wild thoughts of Jadine having a comeback has diminished as this point. Of course, who wouldn’t want the ‘reel’ to ‘real’ couple become together again? But their fate was never in our hands to begin with.

On January this year, Nadine and Christophe Bariou became IG-official. Yes, we’re all happy for her! I guess this will be the part where we have to root for Jadine on their own successes and not on their togetherness.

Nadine Lustre and Christophe Bariou are now Instagram official
Photo Credits to: @nadine on Instagram

July 2022: James rumored with Momoland’s Nancy

Also this year, James has been focusing more on his music and self-love.

But just last month, James was spotted with Momoland’s Nancy McDonie in an event and they were rumored to be a couple. A video of the two being all sweet has been circulating on social media and fans are all waiting for their statement.

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It can be recalled that the two was supposed to star in an ABS-CBN teleserye The Soulmate Project but was cancelled due to the pandemic.

James Reid and Nancy McDonie's show 'The Soulmate Project' is coming in 2021
Photo Credits to: NME

August 2022: Nadine deleted all her pictures with James on Instagram

The past 8 years with the loveteam has been a rollercoaster ride and this might be their bitter-sweet ending.

Nadine deleting all her pictures with James has inflicted so much pain to its fans but it was a move that we all have anticipated.

The saga of them as a couple may have ended but we are all looking forward for their friendship!

This Photo of Nadine Lustre Kissing James Reid is Picture Perfect - When In  Manila
Photo Credits to: When in Manila

Jadine was loved by all their fans and this is the part where we have to support them on the paths that they chose to do alone.

What about you? What’s your most favorite Jadine moment of all time? Share it with us!

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